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Top 5 AI Applications for Creating Digital Visuals

Artificial intelligence has become a ubiquitous presence in various aspects of daily life. Its integration into sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and finance presents users with novel applications continuously.

In the realm of digital design, certain AI applications have stood out for their impressive results, capturing the attention of many users. Digital design has surged in prominence with the advent of concepts like the Metaverse and NFTs, and the evolution of AI in this arena has only added to its significance.

Now, a question arises: do AI-generated images possess artistic value? Let’s delve into this by exploring some AI applications available for use.

Top 5 AI Applications for Creating Digital Visuals

  • DALL-E 2
  • Midjourney
  • NightCafe
  • Deep Dream Generator
  • WOMBO Dream

1.DALL-E 2

Top 5 AI Applications for Creating Digital Visuals

Heading our list is DALL-E 2, a creation of OpenAI. This application harnesses the power of GPT-3, an advanced language model employing machine learning to produce text that mimics human writing. DALL-E 2 enables the crafting of highly realistic images swiftly and with ease, also offering an intuitive interface for an enhanced user experience.

Among its features, the application’s paintbrush tool stands out, affording the ability to add depth through shadows and highlights, thus enabling the composition of intricate, multi-layered imagery. DALL-E 2 greets its users with a free version, while also offering more sophisticated versions for advanced applications.


Top 5 AI Applications for Creating Digital Visuals

Our next featured application is Midjourney, which operates within Discord, a popular instant messaging platform. To use Midjourney, you simply describe to it the concept you wish to visualize. Notably, it has competed against humans in an actual art contest and emerged victorious. Midjourney excels in producing stunning visuals tailored to your preferences.

Offering a glimpse of its capabilities through a free trial, Midjourney distinguishes itself not by creating hyper-realistic images but rather unique artwork reminiscent of oil paintings. If you appreciate fine details, Midjourney’s creations are bound to captivate you. However, because it is integrated with Discord, initiating its use requires a series of steps.

For the uninitiated, Discord is a communications app that facilitates text, voice, and video chats. To use Discord, you must first register as a member. Despite some user criticism regarding its requirement of Discord membership, Midjourney continues to earn acclaim for its inventive visual outputs. To explore Midjourney’s offerings, you can visit their website.


Another artificial intelligence application on our list is NightCafe. It is recognized as one of the frontrunners in its category, known for offering a broader array of algorithms and options compared to its counterparts. The platform is user-friendly enough that even novices find it easy to use, and notably, it allows creators to retain ownership of the content they produce.

NightCafe also boasts a potent image recognition feature capable of generating artworks from scanned images or photos captured in real life. Furthermore, its diverse algorithms enable users to experiment with different artistic styles. NightCafe invites users to explore its capabilities with a trial version, but it also provides advanced options for those looking to delve deeper.

4.Deep Dream Generator

The subsequent AI tool on our list is Deep Dream Generator, an application that enables the creation of lifelike images. Deep Dream is built upon an algorithm that has been trained with millions of images, ensuring ease of use for its users. Distinct from other applications, it requires you to upload an image at the beginning.

Once you upload your image, Deep Dream prompts you to select from one of three stylistic options. After you have chosen your desired style, you can preview your transformed image. Utilizing its array of different painting techniques, Deep Dream allows you to craft imaginative images that transcend conventional boundaries of time and space. Greeting its users with a complimentary version, Deep Dream also presents a range of advanced options for further exploration.

5.WOMBO Dream

WOMBO Dream, tailored for NFT creators, also earns a spot on our list. Recognized as a leading app among NFT creation tools, WOMBO Dream enables the crafting of surreal designs.

WOMBO Dream has the capability to stylize existing photos in cartoonish or painterly perspectives. Moreover, it can turn simple text into distinctive artworks through its intricate algorithm. This app, accessible at no cost, also presents a selection of diverse artistic styles for users to explore.

Is it possible to be an artificial intelligence artist?

The emergence of digital design products crafted by artificial intelligence has sparked debate. Experts are split on whether AI-generated designs possess artistic value, and it seems this discussion will persist for some time. On one hand, there’s the perspective that artificial intelligence can’t create true art due to its absence of empathy. On the other hand, there’s the argument that these AI-generated products can indeed hold artistic merit.

Digital design creations facilitated by artificial intelligence have sparked contentious debates. Experts are split on the question of whether AI-crafted designs carry artistic value, a topic that appears set for ongoing discussion.

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