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Sony Launches Metaverse Wearable Device with Motion Sensor

Sony is gearing up to introduce its motion sensor wearable device for the metaverse, named Mocopi. Priced at approximately $358, the Mocopi sensors are designed to enable users to navigate and interact within the metaverse in real time, enhancing the overall virtual experience.

Sony Working on Metaverse

Sony Launches Metaverse Wearable Device with Motion Sensor

Sony has unveiled its metaverse-focused product, a wearable motion tracking system named Mocopi. This innovative system comprises six color-coded sensors that are strategically placed on different parts of the body: one on each ankle, wrist, the head, and the hip. These sensors are designed to capture and relay the user’s movements in real time, reminiscent of motion capture technologies used in the production of films like the Avatar series.

As per Sony’s press release, Mocopi utilizes advanced technology enabling users to create avatar videos using full-body movements.

A promotional video from Sony demonstrates the technology’s capabilities, showcasing a user attaching the sensors and performing a dance mirrored by an anime-style avatar.

Sony highlights that while traditional motion capture videos typically require specialized equipment and operators, Mocopi’s algorithm achieves highly accurate motion measurement with just a few sensors.

This technology liberates VTubers (virtual broadcasters) and content creators in film and animation from the limitations of time and location.

Pre-orders for Mocopi are set to start in mid-December, with the product priced at 49,500 yen, which is roughly equivalent to US$358.

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