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MyLand Announces FIFA World Cup NFT Competition

MyLand Metaverse, a metaverse project specializing in world-based virtual reality and wildlife conservation, has announced an NFT competition for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Celebrating the World Cup in Style

Dubbed the “MyLand Metaverse FIFA 2022 Winner Selection Contest,” the event invites contestants to choose the winners of the matches from the quarterfinals stage. In addition, competitors who make correct predictions about the winners at various stages from the quarter-finals will be rewarded with free plots with metaverse and tokens.

The FIFA World Cup competition started last Sunday. However, he experienced the usual excitement expected of a competition of this size. Several blockchain-based companies such as Binance and also held competitions to celebrate the event. Although Brazil and France were shown as favourites, the MyLand Metaverse spokesperson said that by correctly predicting the winners in the later stages of the competition, it offers investors the opportunity to benefit by winning virtual lands.

How Do I Enter MyLand Metaverse FIFA NFT Contest?

MyLand Announces FIFA World Cup NFT Competition
MyLand Announces FIFA World Cup NFT Competition

Project lead Kevin McInerney had this to say on how to participate in the FIFA World Cup NFT Contest:

“Join the MyLand Metaverse community on Discord to pick your favourites, predict setbacks, and choose the final winner of FIFA this year who earns free Metaverse NFTs and in-game TOKENs!”

Also, MyLand has continued to attract players, investors and developers since its launch last July. According to a press release from the company, the FIFA World Cup offers developers, online gamers, creators and other metaverse enthusiasts the opportunity to own virtual real estate from MyLand. The company is the first metaverse project to develop a 3D Navigation in the metaverse market. According to the update from the company:

“With a successful platform launch, MyLand Metaverse continues on its path to building the Metaverse world. With a community of content creators that includes online games, Metaverse developers, and BLOCK CHAIN ​​users, the MyLand Metaverse Project Team has launched the first-in-market 3D Navigation on the MyLand Platform.”

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