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Horizon Worlds Coming to Smartphones

It has been suggested that a mobile version of Horizon Worlds, Meta’s metaverse platform currently only accessible from Quest VR devices, will be released soon. Although Meta has confirmed that it is working on the mobile version, it has not yet shared an exact release date.

Journalist Janko Roettgers made an important claim about Horizon Worlds. According to the shared information , Meta is working on a mobile-accessible version of the metaverse platform, which has not been able to increase the number of users despite spending 40 billion dollars for it so far, and this ‘application’ will be published very soon.

Considering that Horizon Worlds is currently only accessible on Quest VR devices, and we add the news that CNBC shared last October, “The number of users of Horizon Worlds is less than 200,000 “, we can predict that access via the mobile application will positively contribute to the popularity of the platform. After all , Threads , another meta application , managed to reach 100 million users in a short time only through the mobile application .

Meta actually developed a mobile version last year but failed to publish it


Roettgers, who received information on the subject directly from Meta’s metaverse Vice President Vishal Shah, stated that a mobile version of Horizon Worlds was developed but could not be published last year, while Shah said regarding the mobile version, ” It is a mobile version accessed from mobile devices rather than a mobile application experience. VR experience, ” he says. First of all; It should be noted that the mobile version of Horizon Worlds will have cross-platform support.

In other words, Quest VR users and mobile users will be able to be together. Also, according to Shah , the VR version will continue to offer the best experience. The mobile version will only serve as a stepping stone to enter Horizon Worlds for users who can’t afford Quest VR or in countries where Quest VR is not directly sold.

Generative AI support is coming to Horizon Worlds

Responding to the ” Metaverse is dead ” statements as ” The bubble side of the Metaverse is dead “, Vishal Shah stated that they are working to bring productive artificial intelligence tools to Horizon Worlds in order to attract content producers to the metaverse universe and increase investments there.

Stating that they are working on many services, Shah stated that they are also working on allowing users to move their avatars out of Horizon Worlds and bring them to Horizon Worlds from other platforms.

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