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Horizon Worlds Coming to Smartphones

It has been suggested that Meta, formerly Facebook, will soon release a mobile version of Horizon Worlds, its metaverse platform currently limited to Quest VR devices. While Meta has acknowledged its work on the mobile version, an exact release date has not been provided.

Journalist Janko Roettgers shared significant information regarding Horizon Worlds. According to the reports, Meta is developing a mobile-accessible version of the metaverse platform, which, despite a $40 billion investment, has not significantly increased its user base. This mobile application is expected to be released very soon.

Considering that Horizon Worlds is currently exclusive to Quest VR devices and taking into account CNBC’s report from last October stating that “the number of users of Horizon Worlds is less than 200,000,” it’s reasonable to anticipate that access via the mobile application will have a positive impact on the platform’s popularity. After all, Threads, another Meta application, managed to amass 100 million users in a short period solely through the mobile application.

Meta actually developed a mobile version last year but failed to publish it

Horizon Worlds Coming to Smartphones

Roettgers, who received information directly from Meta’s metaverse Vice President Vishal Shah, stated that a mobile version of Horizon Worlds was developed but could not be published last year. However, Shah clarified that the mobile version is not a standalone mobile application but rather a mobile-accessible version of the platform. He emphasized that it is a VR experience accessed from mobile devices.

It’s important to note that the mobile version of Horizon Worlds will feature cross-platform support. This means that both Quest VR users and mobile users will be able to interact within the same virtual environment. Additionally, Shah mentioned that the VR version will continue to offer the best experience, while the mobile version will serve as a gateway for users who may not have access to Quest VR or live in countries where Quest VR is not readily available.

Generative AI support is coming to Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds Coming to Smartphones

In response to statements claiming that the “Metaverse is dead,” Vishal Shah clarified that while the speculative aspect or “bubble” of the Metaverse may have waned, efforts are underway to integrate productive artificial intelligence tools into Horizon Worlds. This move aims to attract content creators to the metaverse and stimulate investments in this realm.

Shah mentioned that they are actively developing various services, including the ability for users to transfer their avatars between Horizon Worlds and other platforms. This interoperability feature is intended to enhance user experience and connectivity across different virtual environments.

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