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The Sandbox Movie Series Will Be Released

The Sandbox, a leading decentralized virtual gaming world developed by Animoca Brands, has entered into a strategic partnership with media companies Lionsgate and Millennium Media in the film industry.

As part of this collaboration, they intend to create a virtual land called “Action City,” inspired by popular action movies from Lionsgate and Millennium Media. Action City will not only draw inspiration from these films but also serve as an exciting entertainment destination featuring special characters and items.

Lionsgate is aiming to become the first major film and TV studio to establish a presence within The Sandbox, and they plan to leverage their extensive collection of horror films to further enhance this new platform, paving the way for future possibilities.

The Sandbox is Building a Movie!

The Sandbox Movie Series Will Be Released
The Sandbox Movie Series Will Be Released

A unique way of engaging with fans is on the horizon as Action City takes shape. This virtual realm, inspired by iconic action movies like Rambo, The Expendables, and Hellboy from Lionsgate and Millennium Media, aims to create an immersive experience.

In Action City, all the content will be drawn from the extensive libraries of Lionsgate and Millennium, allowing players to craft their own adventures within the Sandbox concept. It’s not limited to mere visual accessories; players will have the ability to attach or change accessories on their avatars, enhancing customization options.

Jenefer Brown, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed their excitement about the partnership, stating, “We look forward to opening our Lionsgate land in the Metaverse sandbox so fans around the world can experience our movie IP in a way that goes beyond what’s possible in the physical world. We are excited about the new opportunities the strategic partnership with The Sandbox will bring to our community.”

Sandbox’s co-founder, Sebastien Borget, also shared his perspective on the collaboration, saying, “Our vision for The Sandbox has always been to bring to life licensed content from players’ favorite movies, TV series, and other entertainment media. Additionally, it is one of our primary goals to create thousands of vibrant worlds where they can craft their own original adventures. Partnering with Lionsgate, which boasts an impressive catalog of hit action and horror movies with 129 Academy Award nominations, will add tremendous value to our Metaverse.”

The Sandbox is dedicated to crafting a magical experience with an array of diverse heroes. As such, it continues to cultivate the idea of a shared digital space within the Metaverse. This initiative, featuring Lionsgate IPs, promises to enrich the offerings available to users and creators within The Sandbox.

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