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First lesson in the metaverse universe from Gazi University

Gazi University in Ankara has launched ‘GaziVerse’, a pioneering platform based on metaverse technology, blending virtual and physical realities to offer an immersive digital universe.

The foundation for this revolutionary platform was set in 2022, with a dedicated team comprising expert researchers, administrative staff, and students. After rigorous development, the platform was unveiled at the beginning of this academic term.

In a significant milestone for GaziVerse, the university’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız, delivered the inaugural lecture in this virtual realm.

Both the Rector and the students attended the lecture using their digital avatars, showcasing the platform’s potential for interactive learning. This lecture was broadcasted on the university’s social media channels. Plans are also underway to create a digital twin of Gazi University within this project.

‘Technologies that will shape the business world of the future’

First lesson in the metaverse universe from Gazi University

Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız emphasized their ambition to pioneer a new era of academia this year, turning to metaverse technology to make it a reality. “Our Distance Education Research and Application Center at Gazi University (GUZEM) has accumulated invaluable experience, particularly during the global pandemic. We pride ourselves on having a highly competent team there. The dedicated professionals at our center continually strive to hone their skills with such groundbreaking technologies. With their expertise, we’ve successfully conducted this inaugural lesson in the metaverse.”

Prof. Yıldız further highlighted his vision for the future. “I regard technologies like virtual reality, Web3, blockchain, and the metaverse as the cornerstones that will define the professional landscape of the coming years. As we progress, numerous endeavors will be executed in virtual spaces parallel to the physical world. Our engagement in these initiatives is to ensure we remain abreast of emerging advancements. More importantly, it allows our youth to acquaint themselves with, and immerse in, the technological nuances of their forthcoming years.”

In the laboratory, in the anatomy class at the hospital…


Prof. emphasized that they are the first in Turkey to use such an application in education. Dr. Noting that virtual reality and metaverse applications can be used in every field of education, Yıldız said, “In other words, you can train students by using this virtual environment in any course you can think of, whether it is a laboratory environment, an anatomy course in a hospital, a geography course. You can spend a lot of money and find cadavers for students in anatomy courses.” They need to work on it, but with these technologies, you can present to them in a virtual environment all the areas on that cadaver that they can practice in 3D.

Students have the opportunity to examine deeper points in the virtual environment than in the normal environment. Let’s say geography; For example, you want to tell about Norway, the student has the opportunity to travel all over Norway step by step and observe there. Students have the opportunity to explore more of the mountains, hills and greenery in the virtual environment. Everything looks flat on the map. There are students; He cannot feel the hills, mountains, plains, plateaus or see underground resources. But with this technology, you can easily show everything about a country. “The GaziVerse project will be an initiative that will pave the way for radical changes in education,” he said. 


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