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Atari Ventures into Metaverse: Plans Casino on Decentraland’s Vegas City

Atari has entered the Metaverse by leasing land in Decentraland’s Vegas City neighborhood for a two-year term. The renowned game company, famous for classics like Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pacman, has embarked on a new collaboration with Decentraland.

This partnership involves Atari leasing land for a two-year period in Decentraland’s metaverse project, specifically in the Vegas City neighborhood.

Atari, a prominent brand in the gaming industry, has been quick to embrace new technologies, including blockchain and NFTs. This move to lease land in Decentraland signifies Atari’s commitment to exploring and participating in the evolving landscape of the Metaverse.

Atari’s blockchain attack

Atari Ventures into Metaverse: Plans Casino on Decentraland's Vegas City

Beginning to recognize the enormous potential of blockchain games in 2020, Atari swiftly established its blockchain division.

The company introduced the Atari Token ($ATRI), leveraging the ERC20 standard, which resonated well with players and paved the way for new revenue models through in-game transactions. Atari further expanded its foray into the blockchain and NFT space by partnering with the blockchain gaming platform Enjin.

This collaboration resulted in the creation of the digital fashion house, The Fabricant, showcasing the innovative ventures undertaken by Atari.

The partnership with Enjin extended beyond this project, enabling developers to craft Atari-branded blockchain games through licensing agreements.

This strategic move not only solidified Atari’s presence in the evolving landscape of blockchain games but also marked its entry into the growing metaverse industry.

Atari’s Decentraland plans

Having previously collaborated with Animoca Brands and The Sandbox, Atari has emerged as one of the prominent landowners in Decentraland.

The company is set to construct an Atari Casino on the acquired land, featuring arcade-themed games where players can explore the wearable products created by Atari. To mitigate high gas fees, Atari plans to utilize Polygon’s tier 2 solutions throughout the project.

Atari’s rich and nostalgic history resonates well with its target audience, particularly those who have been involved in crypto investments from the early days.

By incorporating blockchain-powered features into its products, Atari positions itself to enhance revenue streams and engage effectively with future generations.

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