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Lacoste Enters Metaverse

Renowned fashion brand Lacoste has taken a significant step into the metaverse by seeking five trademarks for its metaverse-compatible brand.

The popular company has extended its presence in the virtual realm by applying for trademarks associated with its Champs-Elysees line of apparel, jewelry, and luggage. This line, introduced in July 2022, is specifically designed to align with the cryptocurrency industry, reflecting Lacoste’s strategic move to integrate its brand into the evolving landscape of the metaverse.

Fashion giant Lacoste became the last brand to step into the metaverse!

In a tweet from non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse-licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis on February 22, it was revealed that the clothing brand Lacoste submitted filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on February 17.

As detailed by the attorney, the trademark applications encompass a broad range of metaverse-related categories. These include NFTs, cryptocurrency trading software, virtual clothing, footwear, eyewear, sporting goods, virtual stores, augmented reality environments, advertising, educational services, and the provision of virtual real estate. Lacoste’s strategic move to secure trademarks in these diverse areas indicates a comprehensive approach to establishing its presence and relevance within the emerging metaverse landscape.

Metaverse and famous brands

The fashion industry’s fascination with blockchain, the foundational technology for the metaverse and cryptocurrencies, boasts a rich history. Notable instances range from luxury watchmakers like Tag Heuer and Hublot accepting cryptocurrencies for transactions to various watchmakers and fashion brands seeking NFT and metaverse trademarks. Key players in this trend include Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, Victoria’s Secret, and Rolex.

Beyond the realm of fashion, influential entities such as payments giant Visa, Formula One in motorsports, multinational automotive company Mercedes-Benz, American banking giant JPMorgan, whiskey brand Jack Daniels, and prestigious football clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid, along with singer Celine Dion, have embraced blockchain and the metaverse, as reported by global financial news source Finbold.

While the rate of new trademark applications related to NFTs and associated products and services has seen a slowdown since March, the year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge with 7,746 such applications, marking a 260% increase compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, the number of metaverse trademark applications in 2022 reached 5,850, underscoring the industry’s sustained interest and engagement in these innovative technologies.

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