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OpenAI & NVIDIA: Advancing AI Together

OpenAI is aiming to reinforce its standing in the artificial intelligence arena by partnering with NVIDIA for GPU support.

In the increasingly competitive field of artificial intelligence, collaborations between software and hardware firms are becoming crucial for progress. OpenAI, renowned for its innovative ChatGPT, is seeking to enhance its leadership in AI through a collaboration with NVIDIA.

OpenAI and NVIDIA collaborate on a massive AI system

OpenAI & NVIDIA: Advancing AI Together

NVIDIA has previously equipped OpenAI’s GPT-4 model with 20,000 graphics cards. Yet, as the ambitions of these two tech giants grow, plans for expanding their partnership are on the horizon.

Wang Xiaochuan, the entrepreneur behind the Chinese search engine Sogou, has hinted that ChatGPT is developing an even more sophisticated AI computing model that utilizes advanced training techniques. This new model is said to require 10 million AI GPUs for full-scale operation.

Although the requirement for 10 million AI GPUs may seem vast, it could be deemed essential for the advancement of OpenAI’s future language models. The increasing complexity and scope of AI systems demand significantly more hardware support. However, given NVIDIA’s current production capabilities, achieving this scale in the near term appears challenging.

OpenAI & NVIDIA: Advancing AI Together

With its current capacity, the company could produce 1 million GPUs, but would need to operate for 10 years to supply solely OpenAI’s system.

Nevertheless, NVIDIA is increasing its efforts with TSMC to boost supply. Alongside production capacity and cost, the challenge of interconnecting such a large number of GPUs is another major hurdle for the company.

If such a system could be implemented, the resulting AI system would be beyond our current imagination. So, what are your thoughts on NVIDIA and OpenAI’s joint AI venture? Feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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