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Discover Top 5 WAX-Based Metaverse Coins

The WAX blockchain stands as one of the foremost platforms for Metaverse coin projects. It hosts Alien Worlds, the most acclaimed NFT game in the crypto world, and its blockchain architecture is ideally suited for hosting applications with high transaction volumes.

In this context, we will explore the five most prominent Metaverse coin projects developed on the WAX blockchain, ranking them from the least to the most popular.

1.Office Land (OCOIN)

Discover Top 5 WAX-Based Metaverse Coins

Released in November 2021, Office Land is a Metaverse game that enables users to establish businesses, hire staff, and earn cryptocurrencies. It features Office Land NFT, allowing users to create NFT-based businesses and generate passive income.

The game uses OCOIN as its native cryptocurrency, awarded to users who run businesses in Office Land. Players control the game via their WAX cloud wallets. To begin playing, users need to purchase staff, which can be done by exploring the AtomicHub NFT marketplace, specifically under the officelandio collection.

2.BlockchainRPG (GOLD)

Launched in November 2021, BlockchainRPG is a Metaverse game set in the fictional world of Aurum. The gameplay involves monster hunting, resource gathering, crafting advanced vehicles, and competing with others. The game adopts a play-to-earn model, allowing users to earn GOLD and rare NFTs within the BlockchainRPG ecosystem.

Developed using Unity, BlockchainRPG is accessible in Open Beta, which users can join through their WAX cloud wallet. Players can start hunting monsters immediately without any initial purchases.

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However, buying the GOLD token on the Alcor exchange enables them to upgrade their equipment, potentially earning greater rewards from their hunting activities.

3.Prospectors (PGL)

Released on the WAX blockchain in December 2019, Prospectors holds the title of the longest-running Metaverse crypto game on this list. Initially developed on the EOS blockchain, it transitioned to WAX due to its higher transaction capacity and lower fees.

Prospectors is a massively multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game where the goal is to accumulate wealth through various jobs and resource gathering.

Players start with three characters, each performing different jobs to earn Prospectors Gold (PGL) tokens.

4.Farmers World

Released in June 2021, Farmers World claims the distinction of being the first NFT-based farming game. It ranks as the second most popular game on the WAX blockchain, making it a top pick for fans of idle farming games. To begin, players must acquire an NFT tool from the official Farmers World collection on AtomicHub.

New players are advised to start with an ax and a fishing rod, which range in cost from approximately $6 to $81. Once equipped with a tool, users can start mining for Farmers World Gold.

Additionally, players have the option to buy or sell any token on the Alcor market, should they choose to acquire tokens directly instead of mining.

5.Alien Worlds (TLM)

Released in December 2020, Alien Worlds is a game featuring a collection of NFTs on AtomicHub, enabling users to mine the cryptocurrency Trillium (TLM) on various planets.

The game provides two primary methods for users to earn Trillium: either through mining with NFT tools or by depositing their TLM into the Binance Smart Chain to gain rewards and rare NFTs.

TLM is available on the open market and can be purchased on major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, FTX, Bittrex, among others.

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