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Revolutionary AI Sound Effects Tool by ElevenLabs Transforms Sora’s Voice from Text

The artificial intelligence company ElevenLabs has unveiled a new AI tool named AI Sound Effects, which enables the creation of sound effects through simple commands. This tool is poised to address the most significant limitation of Sora, another recent AI innovation.

Last week, OpenAI, a frontrunner in the artificial intelligence domain, launched a groundbreaking AI tool called “Sora.” Sora allows for the generation of high-resolution videos from user inputs, delivering astonishing outcomes. Despite its impressive capabilities, Sora’s major flaw was its inability to incorporate sound into the videos it produced.

While it’s unclear whether OpenAI is working to resolve this issue, ElevenLabs has made a notable advancement in voice-over technology. With its new AI tool capable of generating sound effects on command, ElevenLabs appears set to compensate for Sora’s deficiency.

ElevenLabs tested its new AI with videos created by Sora

Revolutionary AI Sound Effects Tool by ElevenLabs Transforms Sora's Voice from Text

In the demonstration video they shared, ElevenLabs showcased their work using videos created by Sora that have been popular on social media recently.

The outcomes were genuinely impressive, with the sounds matching the videos effectively. In their statement regarding this achievement, the company expressed their reaction and introduced a thought-provoking question:

“We were pleasantly surprised by Sora’s announcement, but we felt it was missing something…

What if you could identify a voice and have it generated by artificial intelligence?”

AI Sound Effects will be available as part of early access

ElevenLabs announced on X that the artificial intelligence tool named AI Sound Effects will be made available as part of early access. According to the company’s statement, users who wish to be included in the early access program, Here They need to register via the link.

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