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Transform Your Experience with Apple Vision Pro: ChatGPT Support Now!

Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, has recently hit the market. ChatGPT support has now been introduced for these new AR/VR glasses, which come with a hefty price tag of $3,500, This addition is making waves in the tech world, especially amidst discussions about its security.

OpenAI unveils ChatGPT app for Apple Vision Pro

Transform Your Experience with Apple Vision Pro: ChatGPT Support Now!

ChatGPT support has finally been introduced for the Apple Vision Pro, enhancing the mixed reality technology experience by making it more interactive and enjoyable. OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT for the glasses, announcing that users can download the app through the VisionOS App Store.

Given the innovative nature of the product, this integration promises an AI experience far from ordinary. While specific details on how the ChatGPT application will utilize the glasses’ features are not fully disclosed, it is anticipated that users will be able to tackle complex problems or generate content by issuing voice commands or utilizing the glasses’ camera to show problems directly to the artificial intelligence.

Moreover, shortly after the release of the mixed reality glasses, they were compromised due to a kernel vulnerability exploited by Joseph Ravichandran, a doctoral student specializing in microarchitectural security at MIT.

This vulnerability raises concerns about potential risks such as jailbreaking among others for the AR/VR glasses. Joseph Ravichandran’s revelations on X (formerly known as Twitter) highlight the seriousness of the issue. Although there has been no official response from Apple yet, it is expected that the company will address this security concern promptly.

The features of the device are as follows;

Transform Your Experience with Apple Vision Pro: ChatGPT Support Now!
Price3,499 USD
Operating systemVisionOS
ChipsetM2 and R1
ScreenMicro-OLED (23 million pixels, 90Hz, 96Hz, 100Hz)
Storage256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Camera6.5MP Stereoscopic 3D camera, spatial video and photo capture (18mm, f/2.0)
Sensors2 main cameras, 6 tracking cameras, 4 eye tracking cameras, TrueDepth camera, LiDAR scanner, 4 measuring units, flashing sensor, ambient light sensor
AuthenticationOpticID (iris-based)
SoundSpatial audio pods with dynamic head tracking, 6-microphone array
WirelessWi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3
Battery2 hours for general use, 2.5 hours for video playback
Weight600 – 650 grams

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