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What is Gemini AI and How to Use It?

Following the transformative impact of artificial intelligence in technology, a succession of AI models have emerged into prominence. Recently, one of the most buzzworthy AI models is “Gemini AI,” introduced by Google.

With Gemini AI, Google has taken a significant step in the realm of artificial intelligence. This article aims to explore Gemini AI: understanding what Gemini AI is, its applications, its various versions, and more. We will delve into numerous aspects of Gemini AI and similar models that spark curiosity.

What Is Gemini AI?

What is Gemini AI and How to Use It?

Gemini AI represents Google’s most advanced AI model to date, capable of recognizing images, text, video, and audio. It has been introduced with a multilingual capability, known as Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU), making it the first AI model to surpass human capabilities in this area.

Gemini AI is celebrated for its proficiency in understanding and generating high-quality code across complex domains such as mathematics and physics, in addition to various programming languages. Google hails Gemini as a versatile model, designed to operate across a wide range of platforms, from Google’s data centers to mobile devices.

Who Created Gemini AI?

What is Gemini AI and How to Use It?

Gemini AI was created by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The app is known as Alphabet’s most advanced artificial intelligence model ever released.

What are Gemini AI’s Areas of Expertise?

Gemini AI, recognized as a cutting-edge development in artificial intelligence, is anticipated to impact numerous fields in the future. The areas where Gemini’s expertise could be particularly transformative include:

  • Computer Vision: This involves object detection and scene understanding, enhancing the way machines interpret and interact with the visual world.
  • Geospatial Science: Gemini could contribute to multi-source data aggregation, planning and intelligence, and continuous monitoring, offering advanced insights into geographical and environmental data.
  • Human Health: In personalized healthcare, biosensor integration, and preventive medicine, Gemini AI has the potential to revolutionize the approach to health and wellness by offering tailored care solutions.
  • Integrated Technologies: By facilitating domain knowledge transfer, data consolidation, and advanced decision-making, Gemini AI could significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of technology applications across various sectors.

How Many Versions Does Gemini AI Have?

Gemini AI has been developed in three distinct versions to cater to the varied needs of its users: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra. Let’s delve into these versions:

Gemini Nano

Designed with the capability to operate on smartphones, Gemini Nano is tailored for efficient AI processing for device-based tasks without the need for external servers. Its functionalities include summarizing text or suggesting responses within chat applications.

Gemini Pro

Operating within Google’s data centers, Gemini Pro supports the latest version of Google’s AI chatbot, Bard. Gemini Pro is designed for quick response times and the ability to comprehend complex queries.

Gemini Ultra

Described by Google as its most capable model, Gemini Ultra is designed for extremely complex tasks. Currently in the testing phase, Google plans to make Gemini Ultra available after completing its testing phase.

Is there a fee to access Gemini AI?

While Google has plans to gradually incorporate Gemini into its search engine, advertisements, Chrome browser, and other services, Gemini is presently integrated into some of Google’s offerings. Currently, Gemini is accessible in the Nano and Pro versions, featured in products like the Pixel 8 phone and the Bard chatbot.

The Pro version of Gemini will initially be made available in the Bard service for English-speaking users at no cost. With this implementation, Google aims to position Bard ahead of ChatGPT in six out of eight benchmarks, notably in mathematics and language comprehension.

The Nano version is utilized in the Pixel 8 Pro, showcasing its capabilities. The most advanced version, Gemini Ultra, is anticipated to surpass the capabilities of the latest GPT-4 model, which powers OpenAI’s subscription-based ChatGPT Plus service. The details regarding whether the cutting-edge AI application Gemini Ultra will be offered as a paid service remain uncertain.

Gemini AI’s Bard Integration

The integration of Gemini AI with Bard marks a notable progression, enhancing Bard’s ability to discern user intent and produce more precise, high-quality responses. Gemini’s multi-mode (MMLU) feature enables Bard to adeptly handle various media types, including images, audio, and video, thereby enriching the user experience.

How to Use Gemini in AI Bard

To utilize Bard, which is enhanced by the integration with Gemini Pro:

  • Visit Bard’s website,
  • Simply log in using your personal Google account.
  • Once logged in, you can begin to explore the advanced capabilities of Gemini Pro within the Bard chatbot by interacting with Bard.

Initially, Bard’s features might not have seemed as competitive compared to ChatGPT’s. However, this perception shifted dramatically with the introduction of Gemini and its integration into Bard. Gemini has enabled Bard to reason and comprehend at a more sophisticated level.

Google representatives emphasize that Bard is currently leveraging only a fraction of Gemini’s potential. The multimodal functionality, capable of processing and generating images, audio, and video, is set to debut next year in an updated version of Bard, dubbed “Bard Advanced.” Bard Advanced will harness the power of Gemini Ultra, the most robust and capable iteration of Gemini.

How to Use Gemini AI on Pixel 8 Pro

Gemini AI is designed in three distinct versions, and we’ve discussed how Gemini Pro integrates with Bard. Gemini Nano, on the other hand, supports Google’s smartphone, the Pixel 8 Pro. Notably, Gemini Nano can operate offline on the Pixel 8 Pro, eliminating the need for an internet connection. Gemini Nano enhances two features of the Pixel 8 Pro: the smart reply and the recorder.

The smart reply feature suggests the next phrase to use while texting. With the integration of Gemini Nano, users can receive more relevant and natural responses than before. Currently, the smart reply feature is in a limited preview for US English within the WhatsApp application, but plans are in place to extend its support to more applications and regions.

Furthermore, the recorder app in the Pixel 8 Pro provides a concise summary of the key points in a recording, enabling users to generate summaries with just a single click.

How Is Gemini AI Different From Other AI Models?

Following the inquiry into whether Gemini AI will be a paid service, another significant question arises regarding how Gemini AI distinguishes itself from other artificial intelligence models. While it has been suggested that Google’s Gemini AI surpasses other AI models in terms of advancement, the definitive assessment awaits the launch of Gemini Ultra.

Nonetheless, it’s evident that models such as GPT-4 require additional plugins and integrations to achieve multimodality. In contrast, when comparisons are drawn, Gemini AI’s inherent multi-modal capability prominently sets it apart.

What Are the Limitations of Gemini AI in Bard?

Gemini Pro’s support for Bard is not yet fully operational, presenting some constraints in its integration with Bard:

  • The integration of Gemini Pro with Bard is presently limited.
  • The exclusivity of interactions in English restricts global accessibility.
  • Due to the lack of implementation across the European continent, geographical limitations exist.
  • Bard can only utilize the text-based functionalities of Gemini Pro at this time.

Google continues to work on enhancing and broadening the capabilities and accessibility of Gemini AI. Given that Gemini is still in the early stages of development, those eager for multimodal interactions may have to wait a bit longer. Nevertheless, Gemini AI promises to deliver applications that will ultimately gratify users with their anticipated capabilities.

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