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McDonald’s Unveils Plan for AI-Generated French Fries

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has announced a collaboration with Google for the integration of generative artificial intelligence into its operations starting from 2024.

This partnership will encompass both hardware and software developments across thousands of McDonald’s stores, with the aim of optimizing operations through the implementation of generative AI.

According to McDonald’s statement, one of the anticipated outcomes of this collaboration is the ability to serve “hotter, fresher food.” While the details about how a generative language model can contribute to the freshness of large orders are not explicitly mentioned, it remains an area open to interpretation and speculation.

The collaboration signals McDonald’s commitment to leveraging advanced AI technologies to enhance its operational efficiency and customer experience.

With generative AI, our potatoes will come hot

McDonald's Unveils Plan for AI-Generated French Fries

The collaboration between McDonald’s and Google may lead to increased AI-powered automation for the orderable kiosks in McDonald’s stores. This AI integration could extend to drive-thru systems, particularly prevalent in the US.

While McDonald’s has not detailed the specific use of artificial intelligence, the involvement of Google Cloud technologies, alongside hardware and software developments, suggests a comprehensive approach.

These systems are expected to provide valuable data for managers, enabling them to identify disruptions and find solutions to reduce operational issues. The incorporation of AI technologies could potentially streamline and enhance various aspects of McDonald’s operations, improving efficiency and customer service.

Will artificial intelligence replace humans?

McDonald’s has not provided information on whether artificial intelligence will replace human employees. Instead, the focus is on AI technology “reducing complexity” for store employees and delivering “exciting experiences for store employees and customers.” The emphasis seems to be on improving operations and creating a more streamlined and automated customer experience. Notably, other fast-food chains, such as Wendy’s, have already started testing similar AI-powered processes in some of their branches.

McDonald’s has been exploring the integration of conversational systems with kiosk systems, aiming to enhance restaurant operations through more informative testing and automated solutions, according to the company’s statement.

The prospect of AI-powered conversational systems handling customer orders is an interesting one, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see such innovations in the future. The idea of celebrities like Tarkan taking orders through applications might add a unique and engaging aspect to customer interactions. The acceptability and popularity of such services would likely depend on factors like user experience, efficiency, and personal preferences.

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