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Unlock Your Creativity with Google Bard’s Free Image Generation Feature

Image generation, a feature that has been available in ChatGPT for several months, has now made its way to Google Bard. This entirely free feature is currently only accessible in English.

Bard, introduced by Google as a competitor to ChatGPT, boasted numerous useful features, including extensions that provided access to various services. However, it lacked the capability to create visuals. Meanwhile, ChatGPT had offered this feature to its paid users for quite some time.

Today, the tech giant has rolled out a brand new update for Bard. This update not only brings Gemini Pro to all languages but also empowers the chatbot with the ability to generate visuals.

You’ll be able to create images on Bard completely free of charge (but only in English for now)

Unlock Your Creativity with Google Bard's Free Image Generation Feature

Bard’s image generation feature is entirely free to use, setting it apart from ChatGPT, which charges for DALL-E 3. To create an image using Bard, simply provide the chat with details about what you want, and the chatbot can generate visuals within seconds.

Google Bard is powered by Google’s “Imagen 2” image-to-text model, which was announced a few months ago. The company has stated that this model, introduced in December, produces much higher-quality visuals and can better understand commands compared to its predecessor.

The tech giant also emphasizes that Bard’s visual production will prioritize safety. In other words, it will not generate visuals containing elements such as violence, aggression, or explicit content. This is particularly important in light of recent discussions surrounding AI-generated fake images. A notable example is the spread of fake explicit images of Taylor Swift on social media.

Currently, Bard’s image generation capability is only available in English, and there is no information about when it will be expanded to other languages.

Some images produced with Bard

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