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Artificial Intelligence Like ChatGPT Is Coming To Spotify

In recent months, a breakthrough in Spotify’s code hinted at an upcoming feature that would facilitate the creation of playlists supported by artificial intelligence. Today, the company officially confirmed the development of this feature, and accompanying this announcement, the first images have been revealed.

Spotify has been making headlines with this innovative feature, initially uncovered through the examination of the application’s code. The identified feature appeared to resemble a chatbot, reminiscent of ChatGPT, suggesting a conversational and intelligent playlist creation experience.

Significant updates regarding this artificial intelligence feature have emerged today, with the company confirming its active development. As part of this confirmation, the first screenshots showcasing the feature have been released, providing users with a glimpse into what promises to be an exciting addition to the Spotify experience.

The feature will allow you to create playlists with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Like ChatGPT Is Coming To Spotify

Spotify’s new feature, initially discovered by a TikTok user under the name “robdad_,” has garnered attention. The user shared a video, captioned “I think I accidentally discovered Spotify’s ChatGPT,” showcasing how the feature operates.

Following the widespread dissemination of these images, Spotify officially acknowledged the development of this AI feature in a statement to TechCrunch. However, the company refrained from providing detailed information, stating, “We conduct tests regularly. Some of these tests are widely offered, while others become a learning experience for us. We don’t have anything else to share right now.”

Despite the lack of specific details from the platform, the testing video provides a glimpse into the functionality. As anticipated, users appear to have the ability to create playlists with artificial intelligence. A designated section named “AI playlist” leads to a page reminiscent of existing chatbot interfaces. Here, users input commands describing the type of music they desire, and the artificial intelligence swiftly generates a playlist tailored to the command.

Presently, there is no information on whether Spotify plans to release this feature or when it might be available. Nonetheless, if implemented, it is poised to be a valuable tool for users grappling with the decision of what music to listen to.

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