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Mark Zuckerberg on Apple’s Vision Pro: No New Innovations

During a meeting with his employees, Mark Zuckerberg shared his perspective on Apple’s Vision Pro, stating that he believes Apple’s mixed reality glasses do not bring anything new to the table.

Apple, a US-based tech giant, recently showcased its latest product, the “Vision Pro,” during the WWDC 2023 event at the beginning of the week. This mixed reality goggle boasts impressive features and is set to be available for purchase at $499 starting in 2024.

While the Apple Vision Pro is undeniably innovative, it is not the sole product of its kind. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been actively working on similar products for years. In fact, Meta recently introduced a new mixed reality headset called the Quest 3 and Mixed Reality Glasses. The latest reports on the mixed reality industry suggest that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds a less favorable view of the Apple Vision Pro.

Zuckerberg: Not the way I wanted!

Mark Zuckerberg on Apple's Vision Pro: No New Innovations

During a meeting with Meta employees, Mark Zuckerberg expressed his opinion that Apple has not been able to surpass the capabilities of the Meta Quest 3. The Meta CEO conveyed that the mixed reality headset does not align with his vision, stating, “It’s not what I wanted,” while emphasizing the continued significance of the product. Despite his criticism, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that Apple Vision Pro is introducing a new vision for the future of the computer world.

While the Meta CEO pointed out Apple’s mixed reality glasses, it’s important to note that Meta’s own technologies in this realm are also facing challenges. Despite significant investments, including over a billion dollars monthly in Metaverse technologies, Meta’s endeavors in this domain have yet to achieve widespread adoption or reach the desired stage. In the latest earnings call, Meta disclosed that Reality Labs, the unit responsible for developing metaverse technologies, incurred a loss of $3.3 billion in just 99 months.

Mark Zuckerberg’s full statement reads:

Apple’s recent announcement of its mixed reality glasses has piqued my interest, and I’m eager to delve into the details. While I haven’t had the chance to experience it firsthand, I look forward to learning more as I explore the device and witness how people incorporate it into their lives.

From the initial information I’ve gathered, it seems Apple hasn’t discovered any magical solutions that surpass the constraints of the laws of physics, which Meta hasn’t considered. They’ve introduced a higher resolution screen, albeit at a cost seven times higher due to the advanced technology required to power it. Notably, it demands so much energy that a connected battery and cable are necessary for use.

Despite these technological advancements, I believe their announcement underscores the divergence in values and vision between our companies. Our focus at Meta is on innovation that ensures our products are accessible and affordable for everyone. We’ve successfully sold tens of millions of Quests, embodying our commitment to making technology widely available.

Crucially, our vision for the metaverse centers on sociality—facilitating new ways for people to interact and feel closer. Our device encourages activity and engagement. In contrast, the demos presented by Apple showcased individuals sitting alone on a couch. While it might represent a vision of the future of the computer world, it doesn’t align with my preferences. There’s a profound philosophical difference in our approaches.

I’m genuinely excited to see what Apple has brought to the table and how they plan to compete. In many ways, their announcement reinforces our belief that what we are doing is important and destined for success. It’s shaping up to be an exciting journey ahead.

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