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Sandbox Metaverse Continues Fight Against Cheaters

The Sandbox Metaverse has rolled up its sleeves after recent complaints from speedrun competitors in the gaming community. The platform aims to introduce new KYC rules to the platform in order to prevent cheaters.

The cheating complaints came after the speedrun competition organized by Metalympics, the official partner of The Sandbox. According to Metalympics, The Sandbox has not looked at bug reports and evidence of cheating submitted by the community. As a result, the Sandbox team rewarded one of the scammers with a cash prize of 1000 SAND (approximately $1889). As we reported as , Sandbox has been on the agenda recently with its new collaborations. Therefore, it could be important for the metaverse to introduce new KYC rules to thwart scammers.

Contest scandal in Sandbox Metaverse

Sandbox Metaverse Continues Fight Against Cheaters
Sandbox Metaverse Continues Fight Against Cheaters

Speedrun is a competition played in order to finish a video game as soon as possible. Speedrun is quite common in The Sandbox games. A few external organizations like Metalimpics regularly organize speedrun competitions for Sandbox Metaverse players. Most of these competitions offered huge cash prizes worth more than $15,000 in SAND tokens to the winners.

However , Metaverse doesn’t have a proper anti-bot measure to detect cheaters in their games. @Lugicc, a Twitter user, said that one of the players won the 2nd place in the Metalympics Originals #3 competition. If this is true, the Sandbox team rewarded the cheater with 1000 SAND tokens.

Sandbox Metaverse considers KYC rules to thwart cheaters


After voices rose in the community against cheaters, Sébastien, co-founder of The Sandbox Metaverse, commented that the team will soon find more radical solutions. For example, Sandbox users may be required to submit KYC before receiving future rewards. Sandbox users predict that with the arrival of KYC rules, cheating incidents will decrease.

So what are these KYC rules? KYC stands for ID card verification. Many projects in the cryptocurrency and metaverse space use this method to authenticate users. KYC includes all the necessary processes to ensure users are authentic, assess and monitor risks. Sandbox aims to detect and punish cheaters more easily by adding new rules to the KYC system.

Is this the first?

Speaking of which, the Metalimpics incident also raised more questions. If cheaters could win in Metalympics so easily, wouldn’t it be easy for them to win in other Sandbox games in the past? For example, winning multiple raffle points in Alpha Season 1 and 2. A lot of big brands have entered The Sandbox lately. Don’t you think it’s time for the Sandbox team to create a level playing field for all players?

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