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Sandbox Metaverse Continues Fight Against Cheaters

The Sandbox Metaverse is taking action in response to recent complaints from the gaming community, particularly speedrun competitors. The platform is implementing new Know Your Customer (KYC) rules to prevent cheating.

Cheating concerns arose following a speedrun competition organized by Metalympics, an official partner of The Sandbox. Metalympics claimed that The Sandbox did not adequately address bug reports and evidence of cheating submitted by the community.

Consequently, The Sandbox team reportedly rewarded one of the cheaters with a cash prize of 1000 SAND (approximately $1889). As previously reported by, The Sandbox has been in the spotlight with recent collaborations. Therefore, the introduction of new KYC rules is deemed important to counteract fraudulent activities in the metaverse.

Contest scandal in Sandbox Metaverse

Speedrun is a competition played with the goal of completing a video game as quickly as possible, and it’s a common activity in The Sandbox games. External organizations such as Metalympics regularly organize speedrun competitions for players in the Sandbox Metaverse, offering substantial cash prizes, often exceeding $15,000 in SAND tokens for the winners.

However, the metaverse currently lacks adequate anti-bot measures to detect cheaters in their games. According to a Twitter user named @Lugicc, there are claims that a player secured the 2nd place in the Metalympics Originals #3 competition, and if this assertion is accurate, the Sandbox team rewarded the suspected cheater with 1000 SAND tokens.

Sandbox Metaverse considers KYC rules to thwart cheaters

In response to community concerns about cheating, Sébastien, the co-founder of The Sandbox Metaverse, mentioned that the team is considering more stringent measures.

One potential solution is the implementation of KYC (Know Your Customer) rules, where Sandbox users would be required to undergo ID card verification before receiving future rewards. The introduction of KYC rules is expected to reduce incidents of cheating in the Sandbox community.

KYC, short for Know Your Customer, involves the verification of users’ identities through ID card verification. This method is commonly used in the cryptocurrency and metaverse space to ensure user authenticity and assess and monitor associated risks. The Sandbox aims to enhance its ability to detect and penalize cheaters by incorporating new rules into the KYC system.

Is this the first?

The Metalimpics incident has raised additional concerns and questions. If cheaters were able to win in Metalympics competitions within The Sandbox so easily, there is a growing concern about the possibility of similar incidents occurring in other Sandbox games in the past. This includes scenarios such as winning multiple raffle points in Alpha Season 1 and 2. With the recent influx of big brands into The Sandbox, there is a call for the Sandbox team to establish a level playing field for all players.

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