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Standard Chartered Joins Sandbox Metaverse Mega City II

The blockchain-based gaming company, The Sandbox, has partnered with UK banking giant Standard Chartered and other contributors to successfully complete the second phase of the metaverse Mega City. The price of the metaverse coin SAND has experienced some fluctuations around the time of this announcement.

Standard Chartered and other companies join Sandbox Metaverse Mega City II

Standard Chartered Joins Sandbox Metaverse Mega City II

Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has unveiled a series of new partners for Mega City 2, the second phase of Hong Kong’s cultural hub in the metaverse.

These partners are part of the Animoca Brands family of companies, and the collaboration spans various industries, including travel and tourism, hospitality, culture, media, education, finance, investment, music, entertainment, and more. The expansion of the Metaverse Mega City is being facilitated through these partnerships.

Metaverse coin and projects revive the cultural metaverse

The new participants in Mega City’s phase two expansion have been disclosed, as announced in a blog post by metaverse investor and game publisher NFT.

Standard Chartered, Ocean Park, Regal Hotels Group, Tatler Asia, EVI, Brinc, MADworld, Gameone, Chord Hero, Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture, and UFO School are among the companies joining forces.

These partners share a creative vision for building an open metaverse and aim to bring the best aspects of Hong Kong’s multicultural and vibrant city life to The Sandbox platform, offering unique virtual experiences.

Metaverse land sales

A new LAND sale is set to launch on April 28, providing players with the opportunity to purchase LAND and be a part of the Mega City neighborhood within The Sandbox. This latest development adds a third stage to the Mega City project, following the announcement of the first phase in January.

The ultimate goal is to bring Hong Kong’s culture to the metaverse, and The Sandbox has entered into various partnerships across industries such as film, music, entertainment, acting, professional services, and gaming to achieve this ambitious initiative.

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