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Smart Glasses and the Metaverse: A Technological Breakthrough?

Google’s recent announcement about releasing new AR technology-equipped smart glasses has reignited interest in the concept of wearable computers, a notion that captured global attention a decade ago.

Although there have been several attempts in this field, none have fully realized the initial promises. However, with the growing interest in the metaverse, this topic has resurfaced with renewed vigor.

This leads to a compelling question about the future of technology: What will happen to smartphones as smart glasses gain popularity?

Could the integration of the metaverse herald a new era where wearable technology like smart glasses becomes a dominant form of personal computing and communication?

Interest in Smart Glasses Increases Again!

Smart Glasses and the Metaverse A Technological Breakthrough

In 2022, amidst the ongoing pandemic, Google discreetly made a significant move by acquiring North, a leading startup in smart glasses technology, in June. The details of the acquisition, including the exact financial terms, were not publicly disclosed.

However, reports from sources like GlobeandMail, not officially confirmed by Google, estimated the deal to be valued at over $180 million.

Subsequently, in the following year, Google brought on board several high-profile developers specializing in AR software and hardware, fueling speculation about the tech giant’s ambitious plans in augmented reality. These speculations were validated by Google’s recent announcement confirming their experimentation with new smart glasses.

Google’s ventures have sparked widespread speculation about the future of smart glasses technology. Notably, some tech leaders, like Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, are optimistic about smart glasses supplanting smartphones as the primary means of accessing the internet within the next decade.

Zuckerberg’s confidence in this prediction is evident in his substantial investments in AR and VR technologies. Similarly, Alex Kipman, the inventor of Microsoft’s HoloLens, shares this view. He believes that the era of smartphones is effectively over, and smart glasses represent the future of personal technology.

Metaverse Will Be Accessible With Smart Glasses!

Smart Glasses and the Metaverse A Technological Breakthrough

Certainly, there are numerous questions yet to be answered, chief among them being the practical applications of smart glasses. There is a growing belief that smart glasses could be instrumental in unlocking the potential of the Metaverse.

In science fiction, characters often access virtual reality worlds using advanced glasses or contact lenses, suggesting that smart glasses could become an integral part of our daily lives. This idea aligns well with the concept of the Metaverse, which is increasingly gaining acceptance.

Experts have been dedicating significant attention to the Metaverse concept lately. On one side, virtual worlds within the Metaverse are being developed, and on the other, efforts are underway to enhance access to these realms.

While the definition of the ‘Metaverse’ remains somewhat nebulous at present, it appears likely that the concept will eventually converge with the technology of smart glasses. However, only time will reveal the full extent of what the future holds for smart glasses and their role in our interaction with virtual environments.

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