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Artificial intelligence decision from political parties in Switzerland

Ahead of the general elections scheduled for October 22, Switzerland took a pivotal stance on the application of artificial intelligence.

Five prominent political parties – the Swiss Social Democratic Party, the Center Party, the Green Party, the Liberal Green Party, and the Protestant Party – will be contesting in the election. These parties collectively ratified a charter that delineates the boundaries for using artificial intelligence during their campaigns.

As per the charter, not only are the parties obligated to transparently disclose any engagement with artificial intelligence in their campaigns, but they have also unequivocally forbidden its use for launching critiques against adversaries.


Recognizing artificial intelligence as an opportunity that opens doors to novel communication methods, the parties acknowledged its accompanying risks. They expressed concerns that AI could potentially manipulate facts or falsely attribute statements to political figures.

The Radical Liberal Party, which abstained from signing the charter, formally conveyed its commitment to preventing AI’s misuse, especially with technologies like “deepfake” that facilitate the creation of deceptive videos. However, they described the prohibition of AI during negative campaigns against opponents as “absurd.”

Meanwhile, the Swiss People’s Party refrained from taking a definitive stance on the matter.

Switzerland is gearing up for its general elections, slated for October 22.


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