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Unleashing Potential: Low Market Value Metaverse Coins Revealed

In this content, we have coin information that should not be missed, which still gives you the opportunity to buy with Low Market Value.

As the Metaverse continues to shape the future of cryptocurrency, there are still many promising yet underappreciated projects out there. Today, we delve into five impressive Metaverse ventures with a market cap under $100 million.

Disclaimer: The following is not investment advice but merely informational. Always conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

1.Bosagora (BOA) – $77 million

BOSAGORA, a decentralized cryptocurrency built on Trust Contracts, is embarking on a Metaverse project, MetaCity. This venture is in collaboration with other Metaverse developers and blockchain firms, including AIITONE, Uracle, and the Blockchain Research Institute.

BOSAGORA’s flash layer, which facilitates rapid transactions, makes it perfectly suited for the Metaverse environment. Currently, MetaCity is in its developmental stages, and thus, BOA’s valuation remains under $100M. Nonetheless, a successful launch could see the BOA price soar.

2.Xaya (CHI) – $29 million

Low Market Value Metaverse Coins

Xaya aims to offer game developers the resources needed to create genuinely decentralized Metaverse games using a blockchain gaming SDK. Despite most blockchain games featuring some decentralized components, they usually rely heavily on centralized servers.

With its fully decentralized games hosted on a distributed network of nodes, Xaya plans to change this. While there are a few games in beta and playable, improvements are still needed. As more games debut on Xaya, it could exceed the $100M valuation.

3.PolkaWar (PWAR) – $17 million

PolkaWar, a DeFi-enabled NFT gaming platform allowing users to create and battle characters, is another undervalued project. With a functional dApp that connects to your MetaMask browser, you can start creating characters, partaking in battles, and earning rewards.

At a market cap of just $14 million and a fully functional app, PolkaWar represents incredible value. As long as the team concentrates on the Metaverse aspect of the game and adds more features, PolkaWar’s valuation could double or triple in 2022.

4.Tower – $15 million

TOWER is an ERC-20 utility token fueling the TOWER platform, comprising Free-to-Play and Earn-to-Play games from the Crazy Kings series. This platform features popular mobile games like Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, boasting over 2 million downloads.

A blockchain-based PC game allowing players to earn TOWER coins is under development, contributing to the lower valuation. However, users can earn TOWER coins by playing Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes now. Link your MetaMask wallet and CDH user ID to start earning TOWER tokens. When the blockchain-based PC game is released, TOWER’s value could surge.

5.Ethverse (ETHV) – $1.5 million

Ethverse, a user-owned Metaverse project, aims to create a virtual world atop Minecraft. Due to recent licensing complications with the Minecraft platform, Ethverse has decided to collaborate with the Merkle Network – a Web3.0 interoperability protocol crucial for launching metaverse applications.

The value of Ethverse is currently low due to the shift in project direction, but with a solid team and an innovative idea, Ethverse/Merkle Network could shine in 2022.

While the above Metaverse projects may appear undervalued compared to giants like Decentraland or Axie Infinity, it’s essential to remember that this is a nascent trend. As such, these apps will need time to evolve. 2022 is shaping up to be the Metaverse’s year, and any project related to virtual/augmented reality platforms could grab the market’s attention.

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