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Play to Earn in NFT Metaverse Game Alien Worlds & Win Prizes

With the rising popularity of blockchain games, a growing number of players are exploring their prospects in Play to Earn games. Among these, Alien Worlds, noted for its rapid growth, has announced a giveaway as per their recent release.

The game will distribute $2,000 worth of free TLM tokens, divided among 200 lucky winners. This initiative reflects the increasing engagement and promotional strategies within the blockchain gaming community.

Alien Worlds Metaverse Game

Play to Earn in NFT Metaverse Game Alien Worlds & Win Prizes
NFT Metaverse Game Alien Worlds Will Give Out Prizes

The NFT virtual world game Alien Worlds is now playable on WAX, BNB Smart Chain, and Ethereum platforms. In this game, players compete for scarce resources in an artificial market, including NFTs and in-game assets. The in-game environment of Alien Worlds is supported by four pillars: players engage in extraction activities by purchasing and renting properties, and they participate in governance by voting to influence Trillium (TLM) payouts for planetary management. These four core elements include TLM, NFT tools, terrains, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Alien Worlds was co-founded by Sarojini McKenna and Michael Yeates, who previously worked on completing the EOS network. The team also includes members closely associated with the microstate of Liberland, a small eight-square-kilometer territory along the Danube River, which experimented with a governance structure based on Blockchain technology and a DAO.

The DAO is a central component of the game. McKenna’s aim is to make Blockchain and cryptocurrency principles accessible to a broader audience. Consequently, the Alien Worlds DAO plays a significant role in all major decisions affecting the game’s development. TLM, the primary in-game currency, can be obtained by participating in the Metaverse’s main series. Users can stake TLM to influence the operations of World DAOs and are allowed to store Trillium on any of the three blockchains: Ethereum, WAX, or BSC.

NFT Metaverse Game

Play to Earn in NFT Metaverse Game Alien Worlds & Win Prizes

The TLM token is central to managing the Alien Worlds network. Players require TLM to acquire NFTs, initiate quests, and engage actively in the game’s political system. There are various methods to earn the Trillium ($TLM) token.

The most common and straightforward approach is through planetary resource extraction. All users, regardless of their rank or experience level, have the opportunity to mine TLM on any planet. As players progress, they can acquire more efficient mining equipment to increase their profits.

Additionally, players can create a revenue stream by staking their hard-earned TLM tokens on a planet, which also enhances the reward rate within the Metaverse. Furthermore, they can invest TLM in the development of Planet DAOs and receive TLM rewards in return.

Alien World encompasses a wide array of NFTs, including terrains, resources, equipment, allies, and avatars. These NFTs can be traded on the Atomic Hub marketplace for a return, offering players a way to monetize their in-game assets.

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