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BOSAGORA, a project that was launched in 2019, aims to create a decentralized platform based on the blockchain where collective decision-making can occur. It is a project run by the BlockchainOS company. Its native token, BOA, is used as a medium of exchange within the BOSAGORA ecosystem, as well as for consensus and governance.

The Purpose of BOSAGORA

BOSAGORA’s main objective is to realize a fully democratized platform where decisions are made collectively. Its vision is to create a more open and democratic world by bringing democratic decision-making to the blockchain, where any BOA coin holder can participate in decision-making processes about the direction and development of the project.

The project believes that a fully democratic and equitable platform can be achieved by combining the principles of blockchain and the features of Congress Network. The Congress Network is a decision-making body on the BOSAGORA platform that allows all BOA coin holders to participate and make decisions.

The Technology Underpinning BOSAGORA

BOSAGORA uses a modified Federated Byzantine Agreement (mFBA) consensus algorithm for its blockchain. This algorithm provides scalability, quick confirmation times, and security against double-spending and Sybil attacks.

The unique feature of BOSAGORA is its Congress Network, a feature that brings democracy to the blockchain, allowing all BOA coin holders to participate in decision-making processes. This democratic aspect extends to project funding, with BOA holders able to vote on which projects receive funding from a common budget pool.

The BOA Token and Market Value

The BOA token serves multiple roles within the BOSAGORA ecosystem. It’s primarily used as an in-game currency, but also acts as a consensus and governance token. Like any other cryptocurrency, the market value of BOA is subject to changes in market conditions, overall sentiment, and developments within the BOSAGORA ecosystem.

Pros and Cons of BOSAGORA


  1. Democratic Governance: The BOSAGORA platform offers a unique level of user involvement, allowing BOA holders to directly influence the platform’s future.
  2. Innovative Consensus Mechanism: The mFBA consensus mechanism offers a good balance between speed, scalability, and security.
  3. Project Funding: The platform has a mechanism for funding promising projects, fostering innovation within the ecosystem.


  1. Adoption Barriers: The complexity of understanding and engaging in the democratic decision-making process may pose a barrier to entry for less tech-savvy users.
  2. Dependence on User Participation: The effectiveness of the Congress Network relies on active participation from BOA holders.
  3. Regulatory Uncertainty: As with many blockchain projects, potential regulatory changes could impact the project’s growth and success.

In conclusion, BOSAGORA is a unique project that seeks to bring democratic decision-making to the blockchain. While it offers an intriguing value proposition, it also faces several challenges, including user adoption and regulatory uncertainty. Despite these potential hurdles, BOSAGORA’s unique approach to collective decision-making makes it a project worth watching in the blockchain space.


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