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Duukan CEO Fires Employees, Introduces AI

Sumit Shah, CEO of Duukan, an Indian company, announced the layoff of 90 percent of the company’s customer service staff, attributing the decision to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

Techspot reported Shah’s statement on Twitter, describing the layoffs as a “difficult but necessary” decision. He argued that AI can respond to customer inquiries 60 times faster than human employees.

Moreover, Shah pointed out that AI’s ability to respond to customers within two minutes has dramatically reduced customer service costs by an impressive 85 percent.

In response to inquiries from Twitter users about the fate of the 23 employees who were laid off, Shah mentioned that he would provide more details on the situation via LinkedIn. He noted that he wasn’t surprised by some individuals expressing their disapproval on behalf of others.


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Employment Outlook report for 2023 has found limited evidence that the adoption of AI negatively affects employment in firms utilizing the technology. Both employers and employees believe that AI can reduce the burden of monotonous and dangerous tasks, thus enhancing worker engagement and safety.

Nonetheless, the report also uncovered that three out of every five workers are worried about the risk of AI replacing their jobs entirely within the next decade. Employees are additionally concerned about the possibility of wage decreases in their sectors due to the growing implementation of AI.

The report strongly advises that governments act to alleviate these concerns. It suggests that governments should encourage employers to offer more training, incorporate AI skills into educational programs, and ensure diversity in the AI workforce.

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