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iOS 18 Revealed: Siri as Real Artificial Intelligence

Tech giant Apple has announced an upcoming event named ‘Wonderlust,’ scheduled for September 12, a date typically reserved for the unveiling of new products.

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 series is expected to be highlighted during this event. In addition, Apple plans to introduce the latest updates for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10, all of which were initially announced in June 2023. Following these updates, attention will turn to the development of iOS 18.

Interestingly, recent reports suggest that work on iOS 18 has already begun. According to these sources, a major enhancement in the new operating system will be a significantly more intelligent Siri, equipped with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.


iOS 18 Revealed: Siri as Real Artificial Intelligence

Leaked details reveal that Apple intends to significantly improve the functionality of its voice assistant, Siri, by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence in the forthcoming iOS 18 update.

While Siri is currently capable of managing basic tasks, the upgrade will make it much more intelligent. According to the report, Siri will acquire the ability to understand and perform complex commands that involve multiple steps. This enhancement aims to streamline the user experience, enabling the execution of more sophisticated tasks via voice commands.


iOS 18 Revealed: Siri as Real Artificial Intelligence

In the forthcoming iOS 18 update, Siri is poised to evolve into a more automated and intelligent assistant, capable of executing tasks involving multiple steps based on user commands. For example, users could ask Siri to compile a GIF from a selection of photos and send it to a friend, bypassing the need for manual intervention.

Furthermore, Apple plans to integrate generative AI language models into iOS 18, aiming to enhance Siri’s intelligence and user-friendliness. This improved version of Siri is anticipated to launch with the iPhone 16 series but will be available on all devices compatible with iOS 18.

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