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Yat Siu’s Top 10 Metaverse Coin Projects

Yat Siu, the president of Animoca Brands and a key investor in metaverse coin projects like TheSandbox, predicts that Meta (formerly Facebook) may face difficulties attracting users with its current “closed” metaverse model.

He has shared insights on this and recommended 10 altcoins for individual investors to profit from in the metaverse coin market. These insights are detailed on metaverseplanet.net.

What Makes Metaverse Coin Projects Worth Investing In?


Yat Siu, discussing the potential of metaverse investments, states, “We envision the metaverse as a digital nation driven by real, digital property rights.” He believes blockchain is essential because it enables independent ownership of digital assets, with the community having more control than the platform.

Since late 2017, Animoca Brands has been investing in blockchain-based metaverse game projects. Amid a surge in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain gaming, Animoca’s revenue exceeded $500 million, with recent fundraising bringing the company’s value to $2.2 billion.

TheSandbox (SAND), one of Animoca’s significant investments, is a blockchain-based decentralized metaverse coin. It has seen a rise in virtual land sales, totaling $211 million from 2019 to the present. Siu emphasizes the importance of economic activity in the metaverse, driven by active participation.

He prefers game projects like TheSandbox over Meta Platforms’ vision of the metaverse and recommends 10 altcoins for investors to leverage the metaverse theme.

Facebook’s Closed Metaverse: A Misstep?


Following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta Platforms, Yat Siu comments, “Just because you’ve renamed yourself Meta, it doesn’t mean you command the entire metaverse ecosystem.” He criticizes Facebook’s “closed” metaverse vision, arguing that a dominantly single-platform virtual world will struggle to engage users. He believes that a metaverse without true property ownership for users won’t be sustainable.

Yat Siu’s Top Picks for Metaverse Coin Investments


Yat Siu recommends 10 altcoins for retail investors. At a micro level, he suggests in-game currencies like TheSandbox (SAND), which has seen an over 14,000% rise this year. He states, “We’re optimistic about SAND because it’s among the most traded cryptocurrencies globally.”

Siu also advises investing in native tokens of blockchain platforms like Polygon (MATIC) and Flow (FLOW), offering broader benefits. He sees multiple avenues for profit in the metaverse coin market.

Yat Siu’s top 10 metaverse coin projects, along with their annual returns, are as follows: TheSandbox (SAND) 14,500%, Solana (SOL) 12,000%, Polygon (MATIC) 12,000%, Harmony (ONE) 4,500%, Tower (TOWER) 1,000%, Hedera (HBAR) 750%, Revv (REVV) 200%, Flow (FLOW) 7%, Immutable (IMX) -7%, and GAMEE(GMEE) -35%.

For more information, visit metaverseplanet.net, where these insights and further details on metaverse coins are available.

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