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6 Metaverse Coins with Huge Upside Potential

Austin Arnold, host of Altcoin Daily, a popular YouTube channel in the market, has recently shared his insights on 6 metaverse coins that he believes are currently undervalued and hold the potential for explosive growth in the near future.

Theta Network (THETA) and Realm (REALM)


The first coin on the list is Theta Network (THETA), a blockchain-powered network designed for video streaming.

According to the analyst, recent developments in Theta have positioned the network as a crucial element for metaverse development. Additionally, the investor highlights the potential expansion of Theta’s future live events, enabling users to earn TFUEL by participating in parties and sharing bandwidth for data, video, computing, and more.

The next altcoin mentioned is Realm (REALM), described as a metaverse game built on Ethereum and the Polygon layer 2 scaling solution.

In this game, players can explore and create virtual worlds and games. The analyst suggests that with a small market cap of $45 million, Realm is currently undervalued and has the potential to become a billion-dollar market cap asset.

Gaia Everworld (GAIA) and Star Atlas (ATLAS)


The next coin on the list is Gaia Everworld (GAIA), a multi-region fantasy game powered by the blockchain scaling solution Polygon. According to the analyst, Gaia EverWorld recently secured $3.7 million in funding from leading blockchain industry investors through a private sale. Arnold also suggests that GAIA has great potential due to its unique technology and strong support.

Fourth on the list is Star Atlas (ATLAS), a galaxy adventure game powered by Solana. Built on Unreal Engine 5, the game is expected to feature cinema-quality, real-time environments. One of the reasons Arnold believes ATLAS will be the next booming altcoin is due to its rapidly growing fan base.

Seascape (CWS) and Sandbox (SAND)


Seascape is fifth on the list. “Seascape Network enables users to seamlessly enter the world of blockchain gaming and decentralized finance by gamifying the end-to-end process of engaging new users into the DeFi ecosystem and removing complex barriers,” said Arnold. He uses his words.

Last on the list is Sandbox (SAND), one of the top gaming projects with the highest social volume. At this point, Arnold said, “SAND, the most anticipated metaverse project on the market, has caught the attention of investors and is making big strides in the metaverse sector of crypto.” makes the statement.

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