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Sygnum Opens Metaverse Hub | Crypto Bank Switzerland

Sygnum, a Switzerland-based crypto bank and asset manager, has announced its plans to launch a hub on the Metaverse platform Decentraland by the end of September.

As the Metaverse, often described as a virtual world and the technology of the future, continues to grow, so do the initiatives within it.

Sygnum is setting up a hub in the Metaverse, aiming to connect a variety of diverse and interrelated industries.

Sygnum to Open Metaverse Center in Decentraland

Sygnum Opens Metaverse Hub | Crypto Bank Switzerland

Sygnum is set to launch a hub on its metaverse platform, Decentraland, towards the end of September. This hub is scheduled to officially open on September 27 with a livestream event. I

t will feature a CryptoPunk receptionist, an NFT gallery, and an event space, showcasing the bank’s Web3 product innovations and providing a gateway for investors into the metaverse economy.

Martin Burgherr, the Chief Customer Officer at Sygnum, stated in a release:

“Our new headquarters in the Metaverse is an ideal location to display Sygnum’s Web3 innovations and to offer investors a trustworthy entry point into the rapidly evolving future financial economy.”

Sygnum Opens Metaverse Hub | Crypto Bank Switzerland

Holding a Swiss banking license and a Singapore asset management license, Sygnum offers a wide array of crypto services.

These include spot and options trading, custody services, crypto-backed fiat loans, corporate banking, and wealth management products. The establishment of this new footprint in the metaverse is part of Sygnum’s effort to expand these services.

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