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New Generation Business Model:’Direct to Avatar’

“Direct to Avatar (D2A)” is one of the new generation business models to be presented by the Metaverse world. D2A is actually seen as the metaverse counterpart of the business model known as “Direct to Customer (D2C)”. Products offered directly to consumers in physical life are offered directly to avatars or digital identities of users in the virtual world. Therefore, the D2A model has become increasingly important to brands on metaverse platforms. Entrepreneurship, innovation and consultancy services company GOOINN discussed this new business model called D2A. The predictions for the D2A model, which is expected to determine consumer trends with the effect of Web 3.0, are listed as follows:

Gen Z Cares

New Generation Business Model:'Direct to Avatar'
New Generation Business Model:’Direct to Avatar’

Presenting products with the D2A business model today creates a new market and this market is not only specific to amateur or professional players in the virtual world, but also targets different audiences, one of which is Generation Z.

Generation Z sees their digital avatars as their representatives in the virtual environment, spends more time in virtual worlds and wants to present themselves in a more unique way in these environments. It demands that brands collaborate with platforms in the beauty, retail and lifestyle spaces. For this reason, brands should not ignore this generation.

D2A Economy

The new economy that has emerged with the D2A business model is an indication that digital lives will no longer be the same as before. The five main points that accelerate this new generation economy are as follows:

– Sales to Avatars: First direct-to-consumer sales are now made directly to avatars. Here, intermediaries disappear and another era is entered in the form of shopping. In the new evolution, humans are completely skipped and avatars are targeted directly.

– Innovation: Digital product innovation is at the forefront with D2A. Since everything is seen as possible in the digital field, endless creativity emerges.

– Quick Engagement: Brands are leveraging the D2A model to quickly engage with the group currently interested in the metaverse. It is predicted that brands that adopt this model before it reaches a mass scale will be perceived as cultural leaders.

– Personalization: With the D2A model, brands help their consumers tell their personal stories and express themselves. They focus on offering more in the virtual world than consumers can be comfortable with with their physical identities.

– Addressing Everyone: Everyone can join the virtual world and express themselves however they want without restrictions. Consumers can wear the digital clothes they want and interact with inspiring brands. With D2A, brands can reach all consumers participating in the digital world.

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