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Will Wright, Creator of The Sims, Launches VoxVerse

Will Wright, the creator of the highly popular game series The Sims, has announced his new venture: a blockchain-based game named VoxVerse. Developed on the Vox Blockchain by Gala Games, one of the leading Blockchain game publishers, VoxVerse is set in a virtual world rich with diverse economies and ecosystems.

The game is currently under development at Gallium Games. Gala Games has committed approximately $25 million in funding for this project, with ongoing support as the project evolves. According to Wright, VoxVerse will enable players to mine their own lands and resources. Additionally, the game is designed to serve as a gateway to other Gala Games titles, creating a unified space where various games can coexist.

VoxVerse is structured as a multi-tiered game strategy, targeting revenue generation from players. The first tier of players will be those willing to invest in purchasing virtual lands. Wright extends an invitation to this space, especially targeting crypto enthusiasts and big spenders in the NFT market seeking Metaverse opportunities.

The initial participants in VoxVerse will have the option to lease their lands as a form of capital investment. This will facilitate collaboration with a middle tier of players who can profit from these lands and then share their earnings with the landowners. The final player tier will consist of free players, who can enjoy the game at no cost in the Metaverse.

While not mandatory for game access, VoxVerse will feature some NFTs created by Gala Games. The company has released Vox character boxes for sale, priced at 0.87 ETH, to promote the game’s NFTs. Each box, equivalent to 1 VOX worth of ERC-1155 tokens, will also grant the owner a Trolls Vox NFT and a piece of VoxVerse terrain upon activation. Wright, as the game designer, envisions the game facilitating secure transactions between players and enhancing revenue opportunities for content creators.

Inspired by Content from The Sims!

Will Wright, Creator of The Sims, Launches VoxVerse

The new game VoxVerse, unlike certain games such as Axie Infinity which require owning NFTs to play, will not have any prerequisites and will be free to play.

It aims to create engaging experiences for millions of players. Moreover, VoxVerse will incorporate a system akin to The Sims, encompassing basic character needs like hunger and fatigue.

The rise in NFT popularity over the past year has catalyzed the emergence of blockchain-based and play-to-win games. With the introduction of VoxVerse, it will enter into competition with other prominent blockchain-based games.

Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, there remains a steady demand in the industry. Furthermore, even though player activity hasn’t reached the heights of last year, blockchain games continue to draw interest from investors.

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