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How the Metaverse Enhances Child Safety

Meta is taking steps to enhance security and address concerns related to child safety on Instagram. Additionally, Meta will introduce protective features within the Metaverse to bolster the safety of pre-teens.

These new features will complement existing safety measures on Instagram, aimed at resolving discussions regarding the app’s impact on children.

Metaverse Boosts Security

Metaverse Will Increase Safety For Children

Meta is taking significant steps to enhance child safety by introducing new features and controls. These measures are designed to empower parents to oversee and manage their children’s online activities, particularly within the Meta VR headset environment.

Through the software controlling the Meta VR headset, parents can establish a system where they have the authority to approve or deny purchases and block specific applications. Young users will have visibility into the apps they have installed and will receive notifications concerning any purchases. However, it’s important to note that these parental controls will only be effective once the teenager has linked their account to a parent’s account.

Furthermore, parents will have the capability to monitor their children’s screen time, as well as review friend additions and block content from a computer to a VR headset. Vaishnavi J, Meta’s Head of Youth Welfare, stated, “We are implementing additional in-app interventions to foster positive online experiences for young individuals across a variety of content. These measures are crucial in encouraging responsible internet usage and time management.”

Meta has faced significant criticism, particularly regarding its handling of teenagers, with lawmakers expressing concerns about the lack of security measures on Instagram. Additionally, Meta’s internal research, made public by a whistleblower, highlighted the company’s apprehensions about teen use and its potential impact on mental health. In response to these criticisms, Meta has rolled out new security features and has taken steps to address the findings from the leaked research.

To further improve child safety, Meta has introduced several new measures on Instagram. Parents can now set limitations on their child’s app usage, including specific time restrictions during the week. They will also have access to information about any posts their child reports. Additionally, Instagram will begin sending notifications to younger users encouraging them to diversify their online interests, limit time spent on a single topic, and explore other content.

The Company Entered Metaverse Last Year

Last year, Facebook, one of the social media giants, underwent a significant transformation by rebranding the entire company from Facebook Inc. to Meta. From the moment Meta entered the Metaverse realm, it placed a strong emphasis on security.

Even at the initial announcement of their foray into the Metaverse, Meta consistently held conferences and discussions focusing on security. The company asserts that they have continuously bolstered their security measures, introducing new features in addition to regularly updating their existing security services since the rebranding in the past year.

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