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Companies Started ‘Metaverse’ Designs

The ‘metaverse,’ often heralded as the next digital frontier, comprises three-dimensional online spaces where individuals can work, shop, play games, and attend concerts.

But what exactly is the ‘metaverse’? Tech companies describe it as a realm where the real world will intertwine with the digital more extensively than it currently does, yet the specifics of what comes next remain open to discussion.

Sayon Deb from the Consumer Technology Association notes, “Right now, we’re essentially hearing the first whispers about the metaverse, and there’s little to say definitively about its future.

What we’re doing is generating new ideas of what it should look like.” He envisions a three-dimensional immersive world, contrasting it with the two-dimensional world of screens.

According to Deb, “It’s not just about viewing videos or virtual reality on your screens; it’s about having a digital layer draped over the entire world.” Catherine Allen, CEO of the Limina Immersive consulting company, describes her initial impressions of the ‘metaverse,’ stating, “The best thing about the metaverse is that everything is connected. It’s like the internet we can step into.” Despite potential risks, Facebook, now known as Meta, has opened the Meta Store to support its ‘metaverse’ vision.

Visitors at the Meta Store experiment with virtual reality headsets, interact with various products, and envision the possibilities of the ‘metaverse.’ Jun Lee, a Meta Store visitor, shares his ‘metaverse’ experience, saying, “Want to go to the moon? It might be difficult for everyone in reality, but in the metaverse, you can go to the moon in seconds.”

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For some, the ‘metaverse’ represents a space to spend time with friends. Seth Nuzum, a visitor to the Meta Store, expresses his desire, stating, “I’d like to be in a virtual chat room with my friends for more than four hours. What would really appeal to me is having an immersive experience where I can stay connected in my room or wherever I want.”

Observers acknowledge that it may take years for the ‘metaverse’ vision to fully materialize. Nevertheless, many are already dreaming about their future digital lives.

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