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How to Make Money with Artificial Intelligence?

Making money with artificial intelligence is one of the most popular jobs today, but the number of people making money this way in our country is very small.

As this number increases day by day, ChatGPT, which depresses our love of getting everything ready, has made people in our country say “why not?” about making money with artificial intelligence. Because we finally realized that you don’t need to be a software developer to use artificial intelligence.

Solving things quickly with artificial intelligence can open up a new job opportunity for you in terms of saving time for yourself and saving time for others.

We are not talking about software developers in the field of artificial intelligence here. We are talking about making money by taking advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence. As Metaverseplanet blog, we wrote the most detailed article published in our country that will guide you in this area.

If you say “I want to make money with artificial intelligence,” you will most likely be exposed to looks that imply that you are talking nonsense, if you are not among people who speak the same language. But they are using it too, without even realizing it. Even more than anything else.

You can use artificial intelligence to produce literary or visual content and turn it into income. You will tell the artificial intelligence what you want and it will create a product for you from all the data in the world.

The limits of what you can do with artificial intelligence are much greater than the limits of what a human can do. Even though we have not yet fully understood and digested this, the world started much earlier.

Director Stanley Kubrick began to have many writers write scripts on artificial intelligence from the 1970s onwards. The movie “Artificial Intelligence”, which was completed in 2001 and was a joint production of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg, marked the period.

If we leave aside making money with software with artificial intelligence, the first income started in the 1970s as a scenario. Now the subject is going to very interesting places.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

rtificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing in our homes, phones, cars, workplaces, and many other places we can’t see. Have you ever seen product ads related to the topics you talked about with your friends? What do you think is the reason?

For example, the App Store requires developers of many applications to allow their applications to access everything from cameras to sounds, touch areas to guides.

Why does it want to do this? Of course, to get to know you better and produce things that you will like more and buy immediately. For example, it is also collecting information to understand the point on the screen that you touch the least and put the skip button of the ad image to be displayed in front of you.

AI is a type that can transfer many types of behavior to a large knowledge pool with systems called machine learning, and then extract information from here and create new functions and products for you. Think about what it can turn into.

We are talking about a structure that can get to know you better than you do as you spend time with you and work in such detail that it can tell you even things you cannot confess.

In our article, we will talk about the following;

  • Jobs you can make money with artificial intelligence
  • Applications that use artificial intelligence
  • The future of artificial intelligence
  • The areas of use of artificial intelligence

Let’s start learning more…

Making Money with Artificial Intelligence and the Obstacles Before It

Using artificial intelligence, you can write blog posts, create news streams, generate SEO-sensitive titles or descriptions for YouTube videos, create emails, generate NFTs, create videos, and even create podcasts.

The possibilities of what you can do with artificial intelligence are endless. However, people can still limit it. The fact that a software does the job that multiple people would do is preventing the transition to this topic.

Most of the content you will create by working with artificial intelligence will be in English. Many applications do not yet support English or sell the English language option as an extra charge. This can make it difficult for those who want to do the job in English.

For this reason, if you use Chrome, you can add the Google Translate extension and translate the text you want to translate directly by saying “Show Instant Pop-up” from the extension settings. Let’s also add to the warnings that you do not translate more than a certain length at the same time.

Writing with Artificial Intelligence

It is possible to write and earn money from artificial intelligence (AI)-generated text. There are writing jobs available on sites like Fiverr, UpWork, and Freelancer. In addition, you can start a blog or news site.

You can use AI to write text for topic-focused jobs you get from social work platforms or for jobs in areas you choose. The system on each of these sites works according to its own software, but they are all relatively easy to use.

If you take jobs with AI in English, your job will be easier. The reason is that all AI tools work on an English basis. This means that you can easily find texts for any topic. Additionally, the demand for work worldwide is also higher in English.

You may also be writing a blog or want to make money by writing an e-book. You can check out the following tools.

Some AI-powered writing tools include:

  • Jasper / Writing ($49- $99/month)
  • CopyAI / Writing (free-$35/month)
  • Grammarly / Writing, Editing (free – premium pricing based on plan)
  • Rytr / Writing, Editing (free- $9- $29/month)
  • Wordtune / Writing (free – $9.99/month)
  • Articoolo / Article writing ($19 – $99 monthly packages)
  • CopySharkAI / Writing ($199-$799/year)
  • WriteSonic / Writing (free – $15 – $25 – $45 – $95/month)
  • EssayBot / Essay Writing ( $9.95/month , $59.50/ annual)

Writin Video Descriptions with Artificial Intelligence

You can use artificial intelligence to find descriptions for YouTube content or social media content. AI systems do this by selecting the most clicked results from all the written text on the web.

They can also scan all the web for your selected area and convert them into a text and give it to you. This includes titles and descriptions. This way, you can quickly access the sentences you need to stand out thanks to artificial intelligence.

This type of software tries to give you the best results by doing a professional SEO study. The most prominent applications in this regard are Rytr and Jasper.

Make Money by Email Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

To do mail marketing, you first need to be able to use mail marketing tools well. In general, people who can use the mail marketing tools that companies use can get this type of job.

In this field, you design a custom mail for a business owner or a business. Every sentence in this mail is carefully selected to be appropriate for the target audience.

The approval of a well-designed and well-written mail by the recipient of a mail can significantly increase sales rates. The shopping rate of mail marketing varies between 10% and 34%.

This field is very popular for making sales to people who already have a customer potential. People who take this type of job can prepare content writings in a few minutes with artificial intelligence, while it would take days with individual research.

How are the incomes? It varies between $15 and $500 per job. The jobs may vary depending on the service to be provided. You can get this type of job by creating a seller profile on sites like Fiverr and UpWork.

The AI writing tools you can use in this field can be Jasper, Wordtune, and Rytr. These tools are some of the best performing applications in this field.

Make Money by Creating NFTs with Artificial Intelligence

Making money by selling NFTs is one of the hottest topics today. Digital art works uploaded to NFT markets are sold in cryptocurrency, generating income for their creators.

NFTs are mainly composed of visual designs and animations. You can produce these contents using many different tools and put them up for sale as NFTs. All you have to do is write what you want, and it’s up to your imagination.

You can also sell NFTs without mastering a design program and creating designs. Design tools take a word or phrase on a topic you want and visualize it for you. The best programs you can use to produce these contents are as follows:

Dall-E is one of the most famous programs in this regard. The site is not enjoyable as it often gives a warning of heavy traffic. You can do your work with the Dall-e mini tool on Hugging Face. They extended their service through their own browser to the Dall-e 2 version in December 2022 for now. You can sign up for the waiting list. It looks like it will be perfect.

Other NFT Creation Tools

  • Artbreeder
  • NightCafe
  • DeepDream Generator
  • GANbreeder
  • Wombo AI
  • NightCafe is a free AI design tool that gives you 10 design credits. The designs may not be very successful at first, but you can create beautiful works once you learn the logic. Once you log in to the application and complete your profile, you will have a total of 20 credits. You need to buy credits for more. It costs about 50 cents per design.
  • WomboArt is one of the most popular AI art apps on the market. It allows users to create surreal, dreamlike images by simply entering a prompt. The app is free to use, and you can generate as many designs as you want.

  • There are many design softwares available for NFT design that are connected to Google Colab. In this field, which is offered as open source code, perfect designs can be created by entering data.Currently, we found the Google Colab tool, written in the Python language, as the best tool, but it can only be used for up to 12 hours for one account. After that, if you try to do the work that takes 15 minutes without Google GPU, it takes 1.5 hours. Of course, this depends on your computer power. You can buy the Pro version of Google Colab for 138 USD a month to continue using it.

Make Money by Making Videos with Artificial Intelligence

Making videos is one of the most interesting aspects of this business. Because there are still parts that we have not yet overcome, which are quite understandable that it is artificial intelligence. So will it be noticed? This is something that will be determined as we do some testing.

The idea of getting something from artificial intelligence may also be sympathetic to people. It is possible to generate income with videos on various topics created with the help of artificial intelligence.

You can have artificial intelligence read the texts you write in the video and prepare promotional videos that are understood with small differences.

  • You can make videos with presenters who tell stories with artificial intelligence.
  • You can produce social media content.
  • You can produce business content.

You can create this type of content not only for YouTube, but also for your own business. You can also sell your videos to corporate businesses that want this type of content by turning corporate texts into videos.

The best programs you can use to create voiceovers and videos with artificial intelligence are:

  • Synthesia ($30/month)
  • Elai (free – $29 – $99/month)
  • Lumen5 (free – $59 – $149/month)
  • Narakeet (pay-per-minute, $0.20 – $0.05 per minute)

With these applications, you can have AI-designed human-looking people read your texts, turn your slides into videos, or simply convert them into ready-made videos.

Making Money by Voiceovering with Artificial Intelligence

One of the areas where artificial intelligence is the most advanced is the field of voiceover. It is possible to create adjustable voiceover structures in many languages and through many voice types with artificial intelligence.

To make money by voiceovering with artificial intelligence, you can look at social business platforms that offer this type of job listing. You can also create a business in your own environment for this job and create additional income for yourself just by knowing how to use the software.

The software you can use for voiceovering with artificial intelligence are as follows:

  • IBM Watson (free – $140/month)
  • Natural Readers / Online page reading and recording add-on (free – $60 – $110/month)
  • Murf (free – $13 – $26 – $167/month)
  • Talkia ($39 – $69/month)

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

The transition from traditional marketing tools to systems that collect data with “Artificial Intelligence” has accelerated significantly. It is expected that the market value of AI-based businesses will exceed $23 billion by 2023.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, continues to rise as a marketing area that is developing in the direction of artificial intelligence in this field.

Affiliate marketing means making money by referring to a site or business. This can include the referral links on websites and the scroll ups you see from influencers on Instagram.

So, what does it mean to use artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing? With artificial intelligence, your website or application is scanned completely to understand the behavior of users during their time spent on the platform.

With artificial intelligence, you can learn everything that will help you earn more money from the user, such as where the user looks, the points they click, the heat map, the things that cause them to spend more time, the things that make them click on your link or discourage them from clicking.

affiliate marketing

Businesses that use AI tools in affiliate marketing can see revenue increases of up to 30%. So, what does AI do for you in affiliate marketing? Here are some of the things AI can do for you:

  • Create heatmaps
  • Drive more traffic to your site with keyword analysis
  • Find popular headlines for you
  • Show you the weaknesses of your site
  • Help your visitors with a chatbot
  • Calculate your click-through rate
  • Calculate the best time to run your ads

If you increase your clicks, your affiliate revenue will also increase. So, what AI tools can you use to achieve this? Here are a few:

  • Rytr for generating text
  • Mailchimp for all customer communication tools
  • ClickBank for quickly finding affiliate links and affiliate-giving sites
  • JVzoo for finding affiliate links
  • Expoze for measuring heatmaps and eye tracking

How to Use AI Tools to Increase Affiliate Revenue

Here are some tips on how to use AI tools to increase affiliate revenue:

  • Choose the right tools for your needs. Not all AI tools are created equal. Do your research to find the tools that will be most helpful for your affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Use the tools correctly. Make sure you understand how to use the tools you choose. Take the time to learn about the features and functionality of each tool so you can get the most out of it.
  • Track your results. It’s important to track your results so you can see what’s working and what’s not. This will help you adjust your campaigns as needed to improve your results.
affiliate marketing

Creating a Podcast with Artificial Intelligence

You may not have the right equipment to create a podcast, your voice may be bad, your diction may be bad, and worst of all, you may not be able to find a topic. But would you still like to make money by telling people something?

We researched whether anyone has made a podcast with artificial intelligence, and we found a podcast series called Roborah, created by Ricky Vuckovic in 2017. It didn’t continue, but we think it was because it used too robotic a voice.

Artificial intelligence has come so far in the past three years that systems have been developed that can speak hundreds of human voices in dozens of different languages. There is no such topic at the moment, but we thought, why not?

Here are the alternatives for creating a podcast with artificial intelligence. If you want to create a English podcast, the number of sites you can use for this is quite small. You can have English dubbing done in 7 voice types with Voiser and 2 voice types with Murf.

If you want to have more voice options with artificial intelligence and appeal to the world, you can choose English and produce much more content with all other artificial intelligence dubbing.

While doing this, you can find the texts you need online or write them in the applications under the heading of “Writing with artificial intelligence”. Then, you can convert these texts into sound with the programs under the heading of “Writing with dubbing” and export them to make money by podcasting.

How to Create a Podcast with Artificial Intelligence

Here are some tips on how to create a podcast with artificial intelligence:

  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you have knowledge about. This will help you to create more relevant and engaging content.
  • Do your research and find out what kind of podcasts are popular in your niche. This will help you to create a podcast that people will be interested in.
  • Create high-quality content that is informative and engaging. This will help you to attract and retain listeners.
  • Promote your podcast on social media and other online platforms. This will help you to reach a wider audience.

Creating YouTube TikTok Reels Shorts with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) video creation programs are generally divided into two categories: those that convert text to video content or those that use virtual people to read texts to them. Invideo and Canva, which are both free, are almost the same, and while the things conveyed with AI are not yet developed enough, they can be said to be successful for free.

We selected Pictory and Designs.ai as the best applications that can actually take the words you write, select the appropriate background videos for them, and then convert the written text to sound and read it.

Glaia ($300/month)

Synthesia ($30/month)

Invideo (free – $15/month)

Synths Video ($399/month)

Pictory ($19, $39/month)

Designs.ai ($29, $69/month)

How to Create YouTube TikTok Reels Shorts with Artificial Intelligence

Here are the steps on how to create YouTube TikTok Reels Shorts with artificial intelligence:

  1. Choose a topic or niche. What do you want to create videos about? Once you know your topic, you can start brainstorming ideas for your videos.
  2. Write a script or outline. This will help you stay organized and on track as you create your videos.
  3. Gather your materials. You’ll need images, videos, and audio files to create your videos. You can find these online or create them yourself.
  4. Use an AI video creation program. There are many different AI video creation programs available. Choose one that fits your needs and budget.
  5. Edit and export your videos. Once you’ve created your videos, you’ll need to edit them and export them to YouTube or TikTok.

It is possible to make money or not lose money by making music with artificial intelligence. You can take music jobs from job offers on social business platforms and sell these jobs even at a low price.

Artificial intelligence music compositions, which are created by mixing among hundreds of thousands of options, produce quite good results. Those who want to use their own original music without paying for stock music can also benefit from these platforms.

The best applications you can compose music with artificial intelligence are as follows:

  • AIVA (free and $11/month package, copyright to the site, $33/month package, to you)
  • Ecreet Music (free, $4.99, $14.99/month)
  • Amper Music (free)

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to become more than just a tool for making money and simplifying tasks. Its problem-solving ability can open up new doors for humanity in ways that are still unimaginable.

The applications of AI are not limited to simply scanning libraries and generating products. This is just the part that we can use and understand. There are also structures that are difficult for us to comprehend, apart from these types of applications that are easy for us to learn.

Machine learning and AI have long begun to automate many tasks that were once performed by humans. Of course, this will also have consequences, such as reducing the need for humans in a world with a growing population. However, this may not be clearly visible until 100 years later.

It is expected that by 2030, all electronics will be designed with AI. What are these? Here are some examples:

  • Home appliances that understand the products you use most often and order them for you when they run out.
  • Software that scans your surroundings and provides you with information about them (e.g., Google Lens)
  • Controlling household appliances with voice commands.
  • Assigning your assistant to find the answer to a question you can’t find.
  • Even using AI to make decisions about yourself.
  • A traffic system made up of self-driving vehicles.
  • Virtual reality.

The above are just a part of this work. While you earn money using your creative side today, you may be able to tell an AI to design your home tomorrow, in addition to the articles on this page.

Movies About Artificial Intelligence

We have selected some movies to help you be more creative about AI, understand our other articles on this topic in the future, and convey that the work we will do in the world of the future may go in this context. Movies continue to create the first sketches of the future.

  • EX Machine (2014) IMBD 7.7
  • Her (2013) IMDB 8.0
  • Eagle Eye (2008) IMDB 6.6
  • Trancedence (2014) IMDB 6.2

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence

Do I need to know software to use artificial intelligence?

Although artificial intelligence is a software-based field, you don’t need to know artificial intelligence software to do the things mentioned above. Everything has been made as easy as possible for you to do. This is the purpose of artificial intelligence anyway.

Can you make money with ChatGPT?

Of course, it is possible to make money from the ChatGPT artificial intelligence writing and coding tool. You can get the right answers by asking the right questions and turn them into sellable products. You can check our article on writing with artificial intelligence for this.

What does machine learning mean?

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence tools that can calculate user experiences and provide services accordingly. With machine learning, many businesses develop their software and provide more personalized service to their customers.

Is anyone seeing the benefits of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is currently being applied in every field. To give a clear example, Netflix, which started testing the film viewing habits of people and the classifications and tools they need to do so with artificial intelligence, achieved a growth of 25% in 2017 with its personalization tools.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence provides affordable high-return IT infrastructure. It also gives businesses back the time lost due to the need for manual development. It closes the gap by making the speed of accessing and presenting information in the field of education millions of times faster than standard library applications. All of these provide a competitive advantage.

Do I need to get an education in artificial intelligence?

If you want to do more work in the field of artificial intelligence, you need to get an education. However, there is no need for education for the applications mentioned above. The applications have been made as easy as possible for the user by using machine learning. For more information, you can check some of the trainings we found.

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