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Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains Why the Vision Pro Is So Expensive

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset is now available for purchase in stores across the United States. CEO Tim Cook made a special trip to New York to commemorate the device’s release and discuss the reasons behind its high price tag.

The Vision Pro headset can be experienced and purchased by customers in the U.S., priced at $3,499 in stores, with the base model starting at $4,547.

During his visit to a store in New York and in an interview with the renowned television program Good Morning America, Tim Cook shed light on the factors contributing to the Vision Pro’s premium pricing.

“It brings tomorrow’s technology to today.”

Tim Cook Reveals the Reasons Behind Vision Pro's Premium Price

When asked about the Vision Pro’s $3,500 price point, Cook emphasized the advanced technologies packed into the device. He explained, “In my opinion, it brings tomorrow’s technology to today. We already hold 5,000 patents related to the product, which has been our primary focus.

I anticipate that some individuals may opt for monthly payment plans, while others will choose to make an outright purchase. I’ve had conversations with many people online, and they’ve expressed their willingness to acquire it. The future remains uncertain, but at present, we believe we’ve set the product’s pricing at the appropriate level.”

“Because it’s a spatial computer, it’s going to be used in a lot of different ways.”

Tim Cook Reveals the Reasons Behind Vision Pro's Premium Price

In addition to discussing the pricing of the Vision Pro, Cook elaborated on the device’s significance and its versatile applications as a “spatial computer” rather than merely a VR/AR headset. He highlighted the importance of this innovation for Apple, emphasizing that with over 1 million available applications, users can engage with the Vision Pro for various purposes:

“As a spatial computer, we envision the Vision Pro being utilized in a multitude of ways. Just as the iPhone introduced us to mobile computing and the Mac introduced us to personal computing, the Vision Pro will be the pioneer of ‘spatial computing.’

Its utility is diverse—some will use it for FaceTime, others for educational purposes, and even surgeons will employ it for training. Its potential uses mirror those of a conventional computer, and it’s vast. Already, there are more than 1 million apps compatible with the device.”

Furthermore, Cook emphasized that the Vision Pro is designed to enhance, rather than hinder, human connections. According to the CEO, the device has the capability to strengthen bonds among people while enhancing their perception of reality. Cook highlighted the feature that allows others to see the wearer’s eyes during use, ensuring that users remain connected to the outside world.

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