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Thanks to the forthcoming standards developed by the Metaverse Standards Forum, the prospect of teleporting to the metaverse with our avatars is on the horizon, even if we can’t yet utter “Beam me up, Scotty” akin to Captain Kirk in the immediate future.

The rapid pace of technological change is permeating every facet of human life, with digital technologies now integral to our daily existence. The loss of internet connectivity momentarily makes us feel detached from the world around us.

In the foreseeable future, the term “internet” will likely become obsolete, as everything will be inherently interconnected, rendering the act of “connecting to the internet” unnecessary.

While the realm of the “Matrix” may still seem fantastical, emerging signs suggest that future movie scripts may cease to be merely “surreal” and become an integral part of our lives. The once-fantastical flying cars of the Jetsons have all but vanished for the 40+ generation.

“Black Lightning,” on the other hand, has long been on the roads. Fortunately, Captain Kirk’s dream of “Beam me up, Scotty” remains a distant vision. Yet, the proximity to the dystopian scenarios depicted in the “Black Mirror” series and the virtual entity Samantha from the movie “Her,” which is based on artificial intelligence and comprises only a voice, seems to have significantly shortened.

The distinct boundaries between the “physical world” and the “virtual world” are increasingly blurring. It is challenging to predict how much of our existence will remain in the physical world and how much will transition to the “digital, virtual world” in the later stages of the technological and digital transformation, which has penetrated even the human body. Regardless, welcome to the age of transhumanism!

In this technologically-driven narrative, opinions may lean towards utopian or dystopian perspectives. Yet, irrespective of support or opposition, the future is imminent. The pace of development and the evolution of digital technology outpaces our comprehension of its impact.

Human beings are traversing a considerable distance before they have the opportunity to engage in debates and due diligence. It is evident that one of the pivotal thresholds in this journey will be crossed with the “metaverse,” which has become prominent in the last two years, particularly following Facebook’s transformation into “Meta” and its emphasis on the “metaverse” in its business focus. While the term remains enigmatic for many, tech giants have already deciphered the mystery and taken strides into this forthcoming era of technology.


Explore the Metaverse Journey

The Metaverse, also known as “beyond the universe,” represents the potential to transcend the physical universe by moving beyond the dimensions of time and space, facilitated by computers, Android devices, VR lenses, and various 3D user interfaces.

When it gained popularity last year, many entrepreneurial individuals began selling Metaverse plots, and this became one of the most intriguing topics in the news. In an environment where numerous individuals lament the perceived missed opportunities in cryptocurrency, particularly with Bitcoin, it was unsurprising that Metaverse plots quickly garnered attention and became subject to buying and selling, once again leading to some disappointment.

While the treatment of the Metaverse in our country parallels that of cryptocurrencies, many small and large global companies have already initiated the development of technology to establish a presence in this “fictional universe.” Metaverse technologies, tools, products, and services are being developed across every sector and field imaginable.

Notably, Taiwanese technology giant HTC made waves last week by unveiling the world’s first Metaverse phone, as previously announced. HTC aims to provide users with a gateway connected to its metadata, enhancing the Metaverse experience. The device also includes features such as a wallet, avatar creation, and the management of NFT assets, further solidifying its role in the evolving landscape of the Metaverse.


Explore the Metaverse Journey

In the dynamic landscape of the metaverse, significant obstacles confronted companies as they independently developed their own metaverse technologies, often operating in isolation and lacking a common understanding. However, a noteworthy development transpired last week, although its full implications have yet to be fully realized.

The world’s foremost companies and organizations joined forces in a collaborative effort to establish metaverse standards, giving rise to the “Metaverse Standards Forum.”

Among the founding members of this forum are industry titans such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Epic Games, Huawei, HTC, Ikea, Nvidia, Alibaba, and Qualcomm. Notably, companies from various countries, spanning the USA, China, Sweden, Taiwan, and beyond, have united under the banner of this forum.

This initiative holds significance across numerous dimensions, and its implications will undoubtedly be thoroughly interpreted and analyzed. The convergence and cooperation of these industry giants underscore the importance and seriousness attached to the metaverse by those at the forefront of technological innovation.


The answer is actually not very complicated. Initially, every company, including Meta (Facebook), took steps to develop its own platform in the metaverse space. However, it soon became evident that this individualistic approach was futile; without a new solution, each company risked wasting time and money unnecessarily. Moreover, the erosion of user trust, if such fragmentation persisted, would leave a more challenging wound to heal.

Enter the “Metaverse Standards Forum.” With this initiative, companies have initiated the development of common standards, enabling a shared language and paving the way for a “metaverse technology market across platforms.” The primary objective of this forum is to dispel confusion, foster “open source” collaborative workspaces, and catalyze initiatives and technologies in the metaverse domain. Consequently, cross-platform systems can be constructed.

To illustrate, leveraging these common standards, the cryptocurrency Mana, utilized in the metaverse realm known as Decentraland, can seamlessly operate within Meta’s Horizon Worlds universe. Similarly, establishing Ethereum as a universally recognized currency across metaverse universes becomes more achievable. In essence, all assets created within the metaverse realm will transform into valuable components of the metaverse’s platform technology market.


The forum, established under the rallying call of “Help us to build the Open Metaverse,” welcomes participation from for-profit companies, non-profit institutions, organizations, associations, foundations, and universities. It operates on two membership levels: Principal Member and Participant Member. Principal Members, serving as project funders and leaders, actively contribute to forum projects. Participant Members engage in forum discussions and projects within the organizational framework.

To ensure objective standards-setting, the forum is under the stewardship of the Kronos Consortium, renowned for establishing standards in the realm of 3D graphics technologies with a membership of 160 diverse companies. Consequently, forum membership will evolve into a cornerstone for credibility and trust among users over time.

As outlined on the official site, the forum will emphasize “pragmatic, action-oriented projects” encompassing app prototyping, hackathons, plugin festivals, and open-source tools. These initiatives aim to expedite the testing and adoption of metaverse standards and will be freely accessible to any participating organization.

Concurrently, the forum will work on developing “consistent terminology and distribution guidelines.” In essence, through the forthcoming standards shaped by the Metaverse Standards Forum, which commences its initial meetings in July, the prospect of teleporting to the metaverse with our avatars will become a reality in a short time—albeit without the iconic phrase “Beam me up, Scotty” from Captain Kirk.

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