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What is Apple Vision Pro? What are its Features?

Apple’s Vision Pro Glasses, which were unveiled during the rapid expansion of virtual and augmented reality technologies across various industries, stand out due to their unique blend of both technologies. Apple refrains from categorizing Vision Pro as a typical VR headset and instead refers to it as “the first spatial computer.” This distinction underscores the user’s ability to remain immersed in the physical world while using the device.

By harnessing a combination of AR and VR technologies and employing indoor and outdoor cameras, this spatial computer takes the augmented reality experience to new heights. The result is what’s often referred to as mixed reality, as it seamlessly merges these two technologies.

The integrated cameras are capable of mapping the surrounding environment and projecting it back to the user. Consequently, when you utilize Apple Vision Pro, you can view 3D windows, objects, or content in your actual physical space. Alternatively, you have the option to disable the cameras, allowing you to transition from the real world to a completely virtual environment.

Designed to cater to a wide range of activities, such as work, content consumption, gaming, and communication, Apple Vision Pro empowers users to delve into the virtual world with unparalleled realism anytime and anywhere.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

What is Apple Vision Pro? What are its Features?

The Apple Vision Pro represents Apple’s foray into the world of wearable spatial computing devices. Its primary objective is to seamlessly integrate digital content into your physical surroundings. As soon as you don the glasses, it projects all your applications and windows into the space around you, effectively creating an “infinite canvas” where multiple windows can be arranged according to your preferences.

This unique feature allows you to stay aware of your surroundings even with the glasses on, as the applications are seamlessly integrated into your environment. Additionally, there’s a dedicated screen referred to as the “Environment,” which you can activate to immerse yourself in virtual reality whenever desired.

In terms of design, although the Vision Pro boasts numerous advanced features, it bears a resemblance to ski goggles. Unlike traditional virtual reality headsets that disconnect you entirely from the real world, the Vision Pro acts as a second screen overlaying your field of vision, ensuring you remain in control. The device features a 3D-shaped laminated glass facade with an aluminum alloy frame that wraps around your face, enhancing the sense of reality.

The Light Seal frame of the virtual reality glasses is soft and adaptable to different face shapes. Complementing this soft structure, the modular aluminum alloy frame curves around the user’s face, providing excellent light insulation to ensure a clear and immersive connection to the virtual world. It also includes adjustable sound chambers and flexible straps to accommodate various head shapes and sizes.

The device is powered by VisionOS, which Apple describes as its inaugural “spatial operating system.” Apps within VisionOS instantly create digital representations of your real-world environment when you put on the glasses. Additionally, VisionOS boasts its own App Store featuring applications exclusive to the Apple Vision Pro. While these apps are tailored specifically for the glasses, the device also has the capability to run iPhone and iPad apps.

The home view in VisionOS includes familiar apps such as Mail, Messages, Safari, Apple Music, and Photos. This interface closely resembles the iPhone interface, allowing you to virtually open and interact with apps. With the Apple glasses, you can, for instance, access Safari through hand, face, and head movements, read your messages, notes, and emails, offering a distinct experience compared to other VR glasses. It introduces a new level of technological flexibility and presents an adventure like no other you’ve ever encountered.

What are the Apple Vision Pro Features?

What is Apple Vision Pro? What are its Features?

One of the standout features of Apple Vision Pro virtual reality glasses is their intuitive control system. Unlike traditional VR devices that rely on controllers for navigation, selection, and dictation, these glasses empower users to interact with the device using their eyes, hands, and voice. This unique approach enhances the sense of reality and immersion.

For instance, when you want to access a specific app in the “Home” view, you can simply turn your head and direct your gaze toward the desired app. Selecting items is as easy as tapping with your fingers, scrolling by tapping, and issuing voice commands to the device. This natural and hands-free control scheme elevates the user experience, making it more intuitive and engaging.

  • Apple VR glasses; It has an M2 processor, 12 different cameras, 5 sensors, 6 microphones. The M2 processor keeps all these systems running smoothly, while the device uses the R1 chip to process the data.
  • While two of the cameras use augmented reality mode, they transmit more than a billion pixels per second to the screen to depict the real world around you. Other cameras are used for 3D mapping, with the analysis of your head and hand movements.
  • Infrared illuminators improve the tracking of your hand movements in low light conditions.
  • LiDAR depth sensors determine the size and position of objects around you.
  • R1 chip with M1 processor; it offers 1 times the speed of Apple’s M8 processor when navigating between images and applications. The R1 chip is responsible for all the information from the camera, sensors, and microphones. With the R1 chip, Apple Vision Pro transmits images to the screen in 12 milliseconds.
  • It works with two high-resolution displays, each appearing 23 feet wide to produce 100 million pixels, creating 4K video.
  • All audio pods have two individually amplified drivers that deliver “Personalized Spatial Audio” based on the user’s own head and ear structure. These drivers make the sound feel like it’s coming from all around you.
  • The lenses of the Apple Vision Pro glasses have an LED ring alongside the cameras, which provides a high-performance eye-tracking system. In this way, the device can understand which way you are looking. At the same time, it can use high-performance eye tracking so that you can control the interface.
  • When you turn on the device for the first time, you need to create a 3D digital ID. Thanks to your digital identity, the device recognizes your gestures and body language.
  • It recognizes your eyes through a method called “Optical ID” to unlock the device, verify passwords, and complete purchases. All data from this system, known as iris recognition, is stored in the “Secure Enclave” processor, which is exclusive to Apple for your security.
  • Iris recognition for Optical ID uses LED illumination technology in conjunction with four infrared cameras located inside the glasses.
  • With the Apple user agreement, Apple guarantees that where you look in virtual and augmented reality will remain hidden, and that third-party companies will not track your eye movements.
  • The button located at the top of the Apple VR headset allows you to take spatial photos and videos using the device’s 3D cameras. You can view spatial photos and videos taken with Vision Pro in augmented reality at any time.
  • With the EyeSight feature, it allows people looking at you to see your eyes. It also helps others understand that you’re taking a spatial photo or video.

Furthermore, the Apple Vision Pro does not incorporate a built-in battery to avoid adding unnecessary weight. Instead, it features an integrated battery within the device. This internal battery provides a battery life of up to 2 hours on a single charge. Should you require more than 2 hours of usage, you have the option to operate the device while it is connected to the adapter.

Apple VR Glasses Advantages

The biggest advantage of the Apple VR glasses model is that it offers VR and AR together. Thus, users can push the boundaries of the real world. While experiencing the virtual world in its most realistic form, it can do all the work it does on the desktop computer and mobile phone from the giant screens reflected by the glasses. Since the transitions between these screens are controlled by hand, eye and head movements, the working experience becomes fun. In addition, the Apple VR model brings the following advantages:

  • You can turn the dial all the way to enter a virtual environment where you can extend the movie or digital content you’re watching up to 100 feet. This gives you a bigger screen than a movie theater.
  • With Apple Vision Pro, games can become more enjoyable. Purchasers can experience over 100 games on any large screen via Apple Arcade.
  • For video conferences, Vision Pro uses a map of the room around you so you can see everyone you’re talking to on life-size tiles. Thanks to spatial audio, the voices of the people you are talking to come towards you from the direction of the tiles.
  • Thanks to the eye-tracking system, you don’t need any accessories to play games. This is because the device recognizes you through its sensors. However, the bluetooth keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and game controllers can be connected to Apple Vision Pro.
  • With Vision Pro, you can take spatial photos and videos in 3D, and re-experience the moments you’ve recorded with VR and AR technologies.
  • With Apple Vision Pro, you can spread your work across a series of virtual digital monitors in an area that’s out of sight of everyone in the room. This, in turn, can increase your efficiency in your studies.
  • In today’s world, where the metaverse universe, which has gained a different dimension with AI technologies, is becoming increasingly popular, the device has all the hardware that supports experiencing the virtual reality universe in the best way and interacting with people.

With all these advantages, AR and VR experiences, Apple Vision Pro is called a revolution by technology enthusiasts. The biggest reason for this is that the device uses mixed reality technologies, which are quite different from alternative virtual reality glasses. Apple glasses not only make digital content more enjoyable with mixed reality, but also help you experience extraordinary things in a new world. Apple VR glasses are offered for sale in figures that reflect their segment in terms of price and are suitable for their features.

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