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Microsoft Copilot Mobile App: Use GPT-4 & DALL-E 3 Free

Microsoft recently introduced its own application for Copilot, an AI-powered chatbot similar to ChatGPT, which allows free use of DALL-E 3 and GPT-4, now available on iOS.

Previously accessible only through Microsoft Edge or the Bing mobile app, Copilot has evolved from its earlier incarnation as Bing Chat, receiving its new name last month. Until recently, it lacked a dedicated standalone application.

This has now changed, with Microsoft discreetly launching Copilot’s dedicated app on the Play Store. Initially exclusive to Android, this app has also made its debut on the App Store, broadening its accessibility to iOS users.

Update: Copilot is now available on the App Store.

Microsoft Copilot Mobile App: Use GPT-4 & DALL-E 3 Free

Recently launched on Android, the app is now also available for iOS devices. If you’re curious about what this app offers, let’s dive into its features without delay.

Copilot gives you free access to GPT-4 and DALL-E 3

Microsoft Copilot Mobile App: Use GPT-4 & DALL-E 3 Free

The Copilot app functions similarly to ChatGPT. Through the app, users can engage in activities such as asking questions and generating visuals.

Notably, Copilot provides free access to OpenAI’s advanced language model, GPT-4, and the visual generation tool DALL-E 3. This accessibility is a significant advantage, especially considering that using these models through ChatGPT typically requires payment.

How to download the Copilot app?

To download the Copilot app by Microsoft on Android, you can use the provided link. For those with an iPhone or iPad, there is a separate link available.

The app offers the option to be used without logging in. However, Microsoft suggests that logging in will enable users to engage in longer conversations and ask more questions.

While utilizing the app, users will find a button to toggle GPT-4 on and off. Activating this feature enhances the chatbot’s creativity and improves the quality of responses.

However, be aware that the answers generated with GPT-4 enabled may be slightly slower than usual.

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