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Metaverse Agreement Between Siemens and NVIDIA!

Siemens is a leading brand in software, infrastructure, building technology and transportation. NVIDIA is a pioneer in accelerated graphics and artificial intelligence (AI). According to the announcement made today, companies will enable the industrial Metaverse. 

It has also been announced that their partnership has been expanded to increase the use of AI. It has been mentioned that they are working on digital technology that will help bring industrial automation to a new level. 

As a first step towards this collaboration, the companies plan to connect the open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator with the 3D design and collaboration platform NVIDIA Omniverse. This will be the first for Siemens’ physics-based digital models and NVIDIA’s real-time artificial intelligence. It will also enable an industrial Metaverse where companies make decisions faster and with increased confidence.

Siemens Will Expand The Metaverse World!

Metaverse Agreement Between Siemens and NVIDIA!

The inclusion of Omniverse in the Siemens Xcelerator partner ecosystem is set to expedite the integration of digital twins, facilitating enhanced productivity and process optimization throughout manufacturing and product lifecycles.

This collaboration will empower companies of various sizes to utilize digital twins featuring real-time performance data, fostering the development of innovative industrial IoT solutions. The goal is to leverage actionable insights from edge and cloud analytics, making visually immersive simulations more accessible. Siemens AG President and CEO, Roland Busch, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating that the Industrial Metaverse, incorporating digital twins, will be a collaborative space for addressing real-world challenges, ultimately transforming economies and industries.

The synergy between Siemens and NVIDIA Omniverse brings together complementary technologies and ecosystems to realize the industrial Metaverse. Siemens, positioned at the intersection of real and digital realms, unifies information technology and operational technology through the Siemens Xcelerator platform, connecting mechanical, electrical, and software domains in product and manufacturing processes.

NVIDIA Omniverse, functioning as an industrial-scale virtual world engine, introduces live digital twins with artificial intelligence capabilities. NVIDIA AI, a widely adopted platform globally, serves as the intelligence engine in Omniverse’s cloud and edge systems.

The collaborative efforts between NVIDIA and Siemens aim to create a comprehensive digital twin within the Siemens Xcelerator, with Omniverse and AI serving as ideal computational engines. Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, expressed that this partnership represents just the initial phase of their joint endeavor to actualize this vision for customers and the global manufacturing industry at large.

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