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Meta vs Europe: Understanding the Differences in the Metaverse

The social media conglomerate Meta is currently in a disagreement with European Union representatives regarding the future direction of the metaverse.

Meta is advocating for a unified metaverse under its central control, whereas EU representatives are of the opinion that there should be multiple metaverse universes, promoting diversity and decentralization.

Meta and EU Have Different Opinions

Meta vs Europe: Understanding the Differences in the Metaverse

Eva Kaili, a Member of the European Parliament who spearheaded the Parliament’s report on NFTs, stressed the importance of decentralization in the new digital world:

“In this emerging digital realm, it’s crucial to avoid recreating centralization and establishing new types of gatekeepers. It’s essential for people to have complete control over their digital lives, the data they share, and the content they produce.”

However, Aura Salla, Meta’s head of EU affairs, holds a contrasting view:

“Our economy, consumers, and customers would benefit from focusing on establishing a single governance system.”

Joachim Schwerin, the chief economist of the Council of Europe’s digital transformation unit, also expressed opposition to a centralized approach:

“A centralized approach is not feasible. Adopting it would stifle all the creativity we have nurtured. There cannot be a single, central solution. We should expect a multitude of different solutions.”

An official from the social media giant highlighted their commitment to employment in the sector:

“We have announced plans to hire 10,000 people in Europe over the coming years to work on the metaverse. We remain dedicated to this commitment.”

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