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Nike Launches New Digital Community, SWOOSH

The sportswear brand Nike has announced its new blockchain-powered digital community dedicated to its virtual creations.

Named SWOOSH, this platform is paving the way for Nike’s inaugural digital collection, set to launch in 2023.

Nike Launches SWOOSH

Nike Launches New Digital Community, SWOOSH

The American international sportswear giant, Nike, has unveiled a new digital, user-centric community. This platform is designed to facilitate Web3-enabled virtual creations for its members. Additionally, the company indicated in its press release that this new platform aims to support champion athletes and the future of sports.

Nike is introducing SWOOSH, a novel digital community and experience that hosts Nike’s virtual creations. It leverages blockchain-powered technology, often referred to as “web3”, to provide athletes, creators, collectors, and consumers with an inclusive, equitable environment for designing and owning the future.

Nike describes SWOOSH as a “safe, trusted space,” highlighting that it operates under its own domain,

What is SWOOSH?

Nike Launches New Digital Community, SWOOSH

According to a report from the Nike newsroom, the SWOOSH platform will enable members to “learn about and collect virtual creations.” These creations are interactive digital objects, often including virtual shoes or jerseys. Members of the SWOOSH community will have the opportunity to wear their digitally acquired collections in various digital games and immersive experiences.

SWOOSH by Nike also offers additional intriguing features. In certain scenarios, community members can gain access to physical products, connect with athletes, and participate in activities such as exclusive conversations with designers, all through Nike’s innovative platform.

The leading sports company is confident that this new approach will cater to consumers in both their fitness and shopping experiences. Ron Faris, the General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios, commented that SWOOSH is the gateway to this new digital domain. Furthermore, Faris stated:

“We are forging the marketplace of the future with an accessible platform for web3 enthusiasts. In this innovative space, the SWOOSH community and Nike can create, share, and benefit together.”

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