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Laliga Partners with Globant to Support Web3 and Metaverse Initiatives

Spain’s leading football league, LaLiga, has entered into a partnership with the Argentine software powerhouse, Globant, with the aim of introducing Web3 and Metaverse experiences to their fan base.

This collaboration is set to develop products that will enhance the league’s presence in the digital sphere. To achieve this, Globant’s technological expertise will be synergized with the technological division of LaLiga.

Laliga Will Work with Globant for Metaverse and Web3!

Laliga Partners with Globant to Support Web3 and Metaverse Initiatives

Major sports organizations are increasingly venturing into the digital world to engage new fans and provide innovative interaction opportunities.

In line with this trend, Spain’s premier football league, LaLiga, has recently announced a partnership aimed at broadening its digital footprint. This collaboration with Globant, a prominent software company based in Buenos Aires, is set to develop Metaverse and Web3 experiences for both existing fans and new users.

These new initiatives will enhance LaLiga’s existing digital offerings, which currently encompass fantasy gaming, web design, web development, and more.

While the announcement of this partnership hints at the potential development of games utilizing these advanced technologies, no specific tangible product has been confirmed as a direct outcome of this collaboration yet.

Oscar Mayo, the executive director of LaLiga, commented on this development, stating, “LaLiga Tech was established to assist sports and entertainment entities in accelerating their digital transformation. The growing demand we’ve observed underscores the industry’s ongoing need for digital innovation.

Our partnership with Globant will enable us to develop the most advanced and valuable technologies for our clients. It will also support our continued global growth.”

Spanish League and Metaverse

Laliga Partners with Globant to Support Web3 and Metaverse Initiatives

LaLiga has distinguished itself as a sports organization taking significant steps toward digitizing its various activities. This month, the company entered into a partnership with Decentraland, an Ethereum-based Metaverse platform, to provide licensed intellectual property (IP) experiences as part of the offerings within the Metaverse. Additionally, LaLiga recently unveiled its own app named MAS, which incorporates Blockchain technology to safeguard the identities of its fans.

LaLiga is also venturing into the traditional gaming asset market by offering licensed products within Mojang’s block game, Minecraft. In the game, users have the option to purchase a skin pack, allowing them to dress their characters in jerseys representing different teams from LaLiga.

Furthermore, LaLiga has previously explored NFT-based projects. In 2021, the creators of Cryptokitties announced a partnership with Dapper Labs to release NFTs featuring key moments from the league’s history.

These initiatives demonstrate LaLiga’s commitment to embracing digital innovations and engaging with fans in new and exciting ways.

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