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Hemp’s Metaverse Journey: Exploring its Role in the Universe!

The foremost cannabis testing facility in the United States has joined the metaverse trend. With the continuous growth of the cryptocurrency industry and the increasing popularity of metadata storage, companies, including those in the cannabis industry, are recognizing the potential opportunities offered by platforms like The Sandbox.

This move reflects a broader trend of diverse industries exploring the metaverse as a means to engage with their audiences and explore new business avenues.

Hemp has also taken its place in the metaverse universe!

Hemp's Metaverse Journey: Exploring its Role in the Universe!

One of the companies embracing the metaverse trend is ACS Lab, the largest cannabis and cannabis testing facility in the eastern United States. ACS Lab has announced its intention to enter the metaverse within Decentraland (MANA).

The company’s press release on September 28 revealed that ACS Lab is actively participating in the “Automatic Slims Metaverse Marketplace.” This marketplace spans four floors and offers dynamic experiences that blend elements of retail, education, and entertainment.

It is powered by Blockcity, the blockchain company behind the decentralized virtual reality platform. This move highlights how diverse industries, including cannabis, are exploring the metaverse as a platform for innovation and engagement.

Hosting educational and entertaining activities

Hemp's Metaverse Journey Exploring its Role in the Universe!

The company elaborates on its offerings within the metaverse as follows:

“Visitors can explore the ACS Lab on the first floor, where they have the opportunity to comfortably navigate the 3D lab or participate in ACS Lab’s Cannabis Quest, an engaging experience that offers insights into the cannabis industry and the chance to earn real-world rewards.”

Within the lab, visitors can gain insights into the process of creating unique cannabis strains. Meanwhile, Cannabis Quest will feature activities such as quizzes and the opportunity to earn virtual rewards.

Moving to the second floor, visitors will have the opportunity to observe cultivation, extraction, and edible product processing stations. They can also participate in quizzes to accumulate more points and explore the possibility of purchasing non-fungible token (NFT) collections related to cannabis brands.

The company plans to offer a wide range of activities in the metaverse, including treasure hunts, influencer podcasts, live music events, interactions with health and wellness companies, and digital brand activations. These experiences aim to create an engaging and immersive metaverse environment for users.

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