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Duracell Introduced Its New Product in Metaverse

Sustainability, a significant focus in the business world, is influencing the production models within the energy sector. The global battery brand Duracell, known for its commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint monitoring, has introduced a new product in the metaverse, aiming to reduce waste production with long-lasting batteries developed with a focus on sustainability.

The convergence of sustainability and metaverse concepts is evident in Duracell’s approach to energy solutions. The new product, Duracell Optimum, was unveiled at an event within the metaverse universe. Developed in private laboratories with a new active substance, this battery not only enhances device performance by extending battery life but also embodies sustainability principles throughout its production and packaging design.

Kerem Sinanoğlu, Duracell Turkey General Manager, commented on the new product, stating, “We are introducing our new product, the result of our intensive efforts, which achieves unprecedented improvement in the performance of the devices it powers. We believe that Duracell Optimum will not only stand out for its high performance but also for its eco-friendly attributes.”


Duracell Introduced Its New Product in Metaverse

Kerem Sinanoğlu emphasized that their new products exemplify a management approach centered on sustainability and being an environmentally friendly brand. He stated, “We introduced Duracell Optimum at the event held in the metaverse. With the participation of numerous business professionals from various sectors, we had the opportunity to convey that our product is designed to provide up to 30 times longer life and enhanced performance for today’s devices.”


Expressing their commitment to minimizing waste through the production of longer-lasting batteries, Sinanoğlu stated, “As a company that dedicates a substantial budget to R&D studies, utilizes green energy in production, and holds responsibility certificates in line with global standards, we deliver all our products in packages made of 90 percent cardboard and 100 percent recycled materials. We are the sole brand in our industry that assesses and monitors the carbon footprint, presenting a sustainability report. With our green approach, we will persist in developing products that are both user-friendly and environmentally friendly.”

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