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AI-Assisted Windows: Unveiling New Features

Microsoft announced the new artificial intelligence features coming to Windows computers at an event today.

Ahead of its developer conference, Build, Microsoft held a small, private event for journalists. This event focused on the new hardware and AI features being integrated into Windows.

Among the announcements was a new initiative called “Copilot Plus PC,” which will be the brand name for devices that incorporate these AI features.

Many brands’ devices will fall under the Copilot Plus PC

AI-Assisted Windows: Unveiling New Features

According to Microsoft’s statement, computers designated as Copilot Plus PCs will include many of the company’s partners, such as Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and ASUS. Microsoft’s own Surface devices will also feature this branding. These new devices will have built-in artificial intelligence hardware, eliminating the need for cloud-based processing. The AI capabilities will be powered by NPU chips integrated into the computers. Additionally, these devices will need to have at least a 256GB SSD and 16GB of RAM. Microsoft expects to sell 50 million Copilot Plus PCs in the coming year.

Furthermore, the new laptops are expected to be 58% faster than Apple’s MacBook Airs with M3 processors and will offer all-day battery life. Arm-based models are projected to provide up to 15 hours of web browsing. However, Microsoft has not clarified whether all Copilot Plus PC devices will meet these specifications or if this applies only to its own Surface devices.

The Recall feature will allow artificial intelligence to remember what you do on the computer

One of the features Microsoft showcased with the Copilot Plus PC was “Recall.” This feature, coming to Windows 11, allows the artificial intelligence in your computer to have a visual memory. It can remember everything you do on your device and share it with you.

Recall’s capabilities are quite extensive. It can record your activities in apps, track communications in live meetings, remember all the websites you visit for research, and more. Essentially, you won’t forget anything you did on your computer. You can perform a recall action, functioning like an AI-powered search, and the tool will show you what you want to remember.

Unfortunately, the Recall feature will not be available on all Windows computers. It will only work on devices with built-in NPU processors, which the company refers to as “Copilot Plus PCs.”

Copilot assistant gains GPT-4o support

Another announcement made by Microsoft today was related to the model used by the Copilot chatbot. The company revealed that Copilot will support GPT-4, which OpenAI introduced last week, impressing everyone with its voice, text, and visual capabilities.

With this upgrade, Copilot will be able to see the user’s computer screen and provide assistance. For instance, during the event, the company demonstrated this capability with Minecraft. The artificial intelligence was able to observe the player’s actions on the screen and offer help accordingly.

New Copilot integrations to Windows 11

In addition to these announcements, Microsoft also revealed that more Copilot integrations will be coming to the Windows 11 operating system. We will now encounter AI models in many more areas. For example, Copilot will be integrated into the Settings section, where it can offer suggestions, edit files through File Explorer, and respond to incoming notifications on your behalf.

Adobe, Capcut, and more will be coming to Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft has announced partnerships with many companies to integrate their services into its Copilot Plus computers. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Firefly, and Express have already been brought to these devices. Premiere Pro and Illustrator will arrive in the summer. Additionally, services such as Capcut, DaVinci Resolve, LiquidText, and djay Pro will also be integrated into the devices.

Artificial intelligence will be your assistant while playing games

AI-Assisted Windows: Unveiling New Features

Microsoft stated that Copilot will also be integrated directly into games. The previously mentioned Minecraft example is one of these features. Copilot will allow players to ask questions to the AI while playing games. For instance, if you encounter a challenge in a game, you can ask the model in natural language. The AI can act as a guide, offering functions such as scanning your inventory in the game and providing assistance.

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