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Discover the Top 15 Artificial Intelligence Tools and Websites

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming increasingly popular each day, significantly reducing the time and effort needed for even the most complex tasks. Their appeal stems from their ability to boost overall productivity and accuracy while automating specific processes.

These tools are being applied across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and financial planning, aiding in enhanced decision-making and predicting companies’ future positions.

Capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from generating content to instantly removing images and backgrounds, these tools are experiencing rapid growth. Their adoption for personal use to improve task efficiency is fueling this expansion.

15 Best AI Tools and Websites to Make Your Job Easier

In the list below you can find the 15 best AI tools and websites that will make your job easier:

  • ChatGPT
  • Chatsonic
  • Trip Planner
  • Adobe Enhance
  • Cutout.pro
  • Dall-E
  • Nvidia Canvas
  • Socratic
  • Midjourney
  • Jasper Chat
  • Bing AI
  • Krisp.ai
  • Grammarly
  • Chatfuel
  • Zoho Zia


Discover the Top 15 Artificial Intelligence Tools and Websites

Launched by OpenAI in June 2020, ChatGPT is a groundbreaking tool in the artificial intelligence landscape. It leverages the Transformer machine learning methodology to produce responses that mimic human text.

This AI model can aid in a multitude of tasks, such as composing emails, coding, solving complex questions for students, and serving as a customer support tool for companies.

ChatGPT’s applications span various domains, including content generation, customer service, and scriptwriting for the entertainment sector.

Regarding its pricing, OpenAI offers a free research preview of ChatGPT, as well as a subscription service named ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 per month. This subscription provides advantages like quicker response times and early access to new features. ChatGPT marks a substantial leap forward in utilizing AI’s capabilities.


Chatsonic is an innovative chatbot crafted to foster engaging automated conversations. Setting it apart from many competitors, Chatsonic can utilize Google to fetch real-time, current responses to user inquiries. This advanced tool offers a cost-efficient approach for businesses aiming to enhance their customer service.

Its application spans a wide range of uses, including customer support, product suggestions, and content generation. Chatsonic is priced for accessibility, featuring a free trial that grants users access to its premium functionalities. Chatsonic represents a progressive application of artificial intelligence, designed to streamline business processes and enrich customer interactions.

3.Trip Planner

Trip Planner is an AI-driven tool designed to help travelers plan their journeys more efficiently. By analyzing users’ preferences, it recommends places to visit, eateries, shopping destinations, and a variety of other activities, creating a customized itinerary that aligns with the user’s unique tastes.

However, the functionality of Trip Planner extends beyond simple recommendations. It also manages the timing for each activity, crafting a detailed plan that includes the timing and duration of visits.

Moreover, the tool conducts searches for specific events, dining options, and other attractions, considering ratings, reviews, and previous user experiences to ensure a rich travel experience.

4.Adobe Enhance

Adobe Enhance, integrated within Adobe Podcasts, is crafted to assist users in enhancing the clarity of their voice recordings. It enables users to quickly and effectively eliminate background noise and boost sound quality, elevating the audio to unprecedented levels.

Capable of delivering sound quality comparable to that of a studio, Adobe Enhance mitigates distractions such as processing noise, markedly improving the listening experience. While the adjustments may appear minor, their impact on sound quality is substantial.

Frequently utilized in podcasting, video editing, music production, and various other audio-focused endeavors, Adobe Enhance has gained popularity among content creators for its simplicity and significant audio improvements, revolutionizing the realm of audio production.


Cutout.pro is an online image editing platform that allows users to effortlessly manipulate and edit images with just a few clicks. Featuring a user-friendly interface and a range of functionalities, it is designed to enable individuals, regardless of their technical skills or design experience, to refine and modify their digital photos.

A key feature of Cutout.pro is its background removal capability, which enables users to detach the subject from an image and set it against any backdrop of their choice. This functionality is particularly useful across various industries, such as e-commerce, advertising, and graphic design.

Beyond removing backgrounds, Cutout.pro provides additional features including photo enhancement and the ability to erase unwanted figures or objects from images. It can also adjust colors, enhance portraits, and produce passport-sized photos from a standard image.


DALL-E is an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI that generates images from textual descriptions. It serves multiple purposes:

  • Creative Visualization: DALL-E helps artists, designers, and content creators by translating verbal ideas into visual imagery, thus facilitating the creative process.
  • Innovative Design: It enables the rapid prototyping of design concepts, from product development to architectural visualization, by generating detailed images based on descriptive prompts.
  • Educational Tool: DALL-E can be used in educational settings to enhance learning by creating visual aids and illustrations for complex concepts that are difficult to describe with words alone.
  • Entertainment and Engagement: It provides entertainment by creating amusing or surreal images from whimsical prompts, engaging users in social media and other platforms.
  • Research and Development: In the field of AI and computer vision, DALL-E serves as a research tool, pushing the boundaries of generative models and understanding of natural language processing.

7.Nvidia Canvas

NVIDIA Canvas is a software application that leverages AI to transform simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images. It utilizes NVIDIA’s GauGAN technology, which is a type of generative adversarial network, to interpret user inputs and generate photorealistic images. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  • Artistic Exploration: Canvas allows artists and enthusiasts to quickly sketch out scenes and see them rendered in detailed, realistic landscapes, aiding in the creative process and exploration of ideas.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Designers and architects can use Canvas to swiftly generate and iterate on landscape concepts, facilitating the visualization of environments without the need for detailed artwork.
  • Educational Tool: It serves as an educational resource for understanding AI and machine learning concepts, especially in creative and visual computing fields.
  • Entertainment: Users can experiment with different scenes for personal enjoyment or social sharing, exploring the capabilities of AI in generating art.


Socratic is an educational technology application designed to assist students with their homework and studies. It employs artificial intelligence to provide explanations, step-by-step solutions, and educational resources. Here are its main uses:

  • Homework Help: Socratic helps students understand and solve problems across a variety of subjects including math, science, literature, and social studies.
  • Educational Resources: It offers access to trusted educational resources, videos, and explanations to provide a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Instant Clarification: By scanning a question with the device’s camera or typing it in, students receive immediate explanations and solutions, making it easier to complete assignments independently.
  • Study Support: Socratic supports students’ learning process by breaking down complex concepts into understandable parts, aiding in study and revision.


Midjourney is an AI research lab and its associated tool, which focuses on exploring new ideas and creating advanced generative technologies. While specific details about Midjourney’s projects can vary, the term often refers to AI systems that generate images, texts, or ideas based on a given input. In a general sense, Midjourney can serve several purposes:

  • Creative Exploration: For artists, designers, and creators, Midjourney can generate visual content, ideas, or inspiration based on descriptive prompts, facilitating the exploration of new concepts and styles.
  • Innovation and Research: It contributes to the field of AI by pushing the boundaries of what generative models can do, exploring the intersection of technology, creativity, and human-computer interaction.
  • Educational Tool: By demonstrating the capabilities of AI in generating content, it can serve as an educational resource for those interested in learning about artificial intelligence and its applications in creativity.
  • Problem Solving: Midjourney can assist in ideation and conceptualization processes across various industries, helping to visualize solutions or simulate outcomes for complex problems.

10.Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with content creation and improve productivity. It functions by engaging users in a conversational interface, where it can understand and generate text based on user prompts. Here are its main uses:

  • Content Generation: Jasper Chat can help generate a wide range of written content, including articles, blog posts, marketing copy, emails, and more, by providing detailed, coherent, and contextually relevant text based on user inputs.
  • Idea Development: It aids in brainstorming and developing ideas for content, offering suggestions and expanding on initial thoughts or concepts provided by the user.
  • Research Assistance: Jasper Chat can assist with gathering information and summarizing content on various topics, streamlining the research process for writers and content creators.
  • Language Translation and Improvement: It can help improve the quality of writing by suggesting better phrasing, correcting grammar, and translating text into different languages.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: By automating parts of the content creation process, Jasper Chat enhances productivity, allowing users to produce high-quality content faster and more efficiently.

11.Bing AI

Bing AI is an artificial intelligence integration within the Bing search engine, designed to enhance user experience by providing more accurate, contextual, and conversational search results. Here are its main functions:

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Bing AI improves the search experience by understanding natural language queries, allowing users to ask questions in a conversational manner and receive more precise answers.
  • Information Summarization: It can quickly summarize information from multiple sources, providing users with concise answers and insights into their queries.
  • Conversational Interaction: Bing AI supports conversational interactions, enabling users to follow up with additional questions for deeper understanding without restating the entire context.
  • Content Creation and Suggestions: It assists in content creation, offering writing suggestions, and generating creative content based on user prompts.
  • Language Translation: Bing AI can translate text between languages, making it easier for users to access and understand content in foreign languages.
  • Integration with Microsoft Products: Bing AI is integrated with other Microsoft products and services, enhancing productivity tools with AI-powered insights and capabilities.


Krisp.ai is an AI-powered noise-cancelling software that enhances audio quality in real-time during voice and video calls. Here are its main functions:

  • Background Noise Removal: Krisp.ai uses advanced AI algorithms to identify and eliminate unwanted background noise from calls, ensuring clear audio communication.
  • Echo Cancellation: It effectively reduces or eliminates echo that can occur in calls, further improving call quality.
  • Voice Enhancement: Krisp.ai can enhance the speaker’s voice clarity, making it easier to understand in noisy environments or with poor microphone quality.
  • Compatibility: The software is compatible with a wide range of communication apps and platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Slack, and many others, making it versatile for personal and professional use.
  • Privacy Focused: Krisp.ai processes audio locally on the user’s device, ensuring that conversations remain private and secure.


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve their writing skills and ensure their texts are clear, mistake-free, and effective. Here are its main functions:

  • Grammar and Spelling Checks: Grammarly reviews texts for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors, offering suggestions for corrections.
  • Style and Tone Guidance: It provides recommendations on writing style and tone to ensure the text matches the intended audience and message, making writing more engaging and effective.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Grammarly can check for plagiarism by comparing texts against billions of web pages, helping to ensure originality and avoid unintentional copying.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: It suggests synonyms and vocabulary improvements to help diversify language and avoid repetition.
  • Real-time Suggestions: Grammarly offers real-time writing suggestions as you type, helping to improve documents, emails, and any other written content on-the-go.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: The tool is available as a browser extension, desktop app, and mobile keyboard, making it accessible across various devices and platforms.


Chatfuel is a platform designed to create and manage AI-powered chatbots for Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms. Its main functions include:

  • Automated Customer Service: Chatfuel chatbots can automatically answer common customer inquiries, providing instant support without the need for human intervention.
  • Marketing and Engagement: Businesses use Chatfuel to engage with customers through personalized messages, promoting products, services, and offers directly within Messenger.
  • Lead Generation: The platform can be used to capture and qualify leads through interactive conversations, collecting information and guiding potential customers through sales funnels.
  • Feedback Collection: Chatfuel allows companies to gather customer feedback and insights through surveys and quizzes, facilitating market research and customer satisfaction analysis.
  • Easy Integration: It offers integration with various business tools and platforms, allowing for seamless data transfer and enhancing the capabilities of the chatbot.
  • No-Code Solution: Chatfuel provides a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require coding skills, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to create and deploy chatbots.

15.Zoho Zia

Zoho Zia is an AI-powered assistant integrated within the Zoho suite of business applications. Its main functions include:

  • Data Analysis and Insights: Zia analyzes data across various Zoho applications to provide businesses with actionable insights, helping them make informed decisions.
  • Voice and Chat Assistance: Zia offers voice and chat-based assistance, allowing users to interact with Zoho apps more naturally and efficiently, such as querying reports or performing tasks through conversational commands.
  • Automated Task Management: It automates routine tasks like data entry, scheduling, and email management, improving productivity and freeing up time for more strategic activities.
  • Anomaly Detection: Zia can detect anomalies in business data, alerting users to unusual patterns or potential issues that require attention.
  • Prediction and Forecasting: Utilizing machine learning, Zia provides predictions and forecasts based on historical data, aiding in planning and strategy for sales, marketing, and other business functions.
  • Code Generation and Analysis: For developers, Zia offers code optimization suggestions and can generate code snippets, enhancing software development efficiency.

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