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Introducing Voxverse: The New Metaverse Project by Sims Creator

Today, Will Wright, the visionary creator behind beloved titles like Sims and SimCity, unveiled his latest venture: Voxverse, a groundbreaking Metaverse project.

Sims, a cherished life simulation game, has captured the hearts of countless players. Recently, Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, even offered Sims 4 for free and provided essential insights into the upcoming Sims 5, the next installment in the series.

Now, let’s delve into the exciting details of Voxverse, the new Metaverse world introduced by Will Wright and his dedicated team.

It will look like Minecraft’s Metaverse game

Introducing Voxverse: The New Metaverse Project by Sims Creator

Building upon the NFT project VOX from Gala Games, this game can be best described as a Minecraft-inspired Metaverse project.

Will Wright, the visionary behind the project, has emphasized that the game’s foundation will revolve around VOX characters, all constructed in a cube-like fashion, creating a uniform aesthetic throughout the universe. Wright also highlighted that the game’s entire world will adopt a cube-shaped design.

The VOX world, encompassing five sides of a cube, will feature a central city on one side, a desert on another, a sea on yet another, and a frigid, snowy landscape on one more side. Instead of the typical teleportation found in other Metaverse games, characters will rely on trains and personal vehicles for travel between these diverse regions.

The statement also reveals the presence of portals strategically placed within the game’s world. These portals offer the exciting possibility of transitioning to universes inspired by popular franchises like DreamWorks’ Trolls animation movie and Gala Games’ Walking Dead game.

It will have its own characters and economy.

Introducing Voxverse: The New Metaverse Project by Sims Creator

In Voxverse, it has been stipulated that players must possess one of Gala Games’ NFTs to own a Vox character.

While non-character players can enter Voxverse, they will be limited in their ability to access features such as securing employment, owning property, and selling their own creations. Vox users, on the other hand, will enjoy free access to all Voxverse features.

Players will have the creative freedom to design their own homes, vehicles, and even construct various elements within the game, including trees, buildings, concert venues, and event centers. With the addition of blueprints to the game, players can easily create and sell their desired designs through simple sketches.

The game will introduce two distinct economies: a monetary economy and a social economy. The monetary economy will be employed for in-game purchases and event participation.

Several avenues for earning money within the game include mining and selling valuable metals found in the game world, crafting and selling designs on the marketplace, and establishing businesses within the game, complete with the ability to hire other players as employees.

Additionally, characters can engage in NPC work at their designated shops, explore mines, or simply rest at home to generate income when not actively playing.

The social economy of Voxverse revolves around interactions with other players. Fellow players will assess and rate you based on your communication style and actions within the game, potentially leading to social admiration, trust, fear, or even fame.

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