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Apple Takes on Microsoft’s Copilot with New AI Tool

Apple is gearing up to challenge Microsoft’s Copilot with an artificial intelligence tool that’s on the horizon.

According to a recent report, Apple is in the final stages of developing a generative AI tool tailored for iOS app developers, positioning it as a competitor to Microsoft’s Copilot.

Apple tests generative AI tool

Apple Takes on Microsoft's Copilot with New AI Tool

The company is aiming to introduce this tool to third-party software developers at some point after this year, based on insider information. Apple is developing a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to assist in coding, with an eye on enhancing Xcode’s functionality.

This new system is set to rival Microsoft’s Copilot, which is reported to offer similar functionalities. Additionally, the tool will be capable of generating code for application testing, streamlining a process often considered time-consuming.

Apple is currently inviting some of its engineers to trial these innovative AI features prior to making them available to developers outside the company. Despite Apple’s clandestine efforts, it finds itself trailing behind in the generative AI race, a field currently dominated by entities like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft.

What tools are coming? Where will it be used?

Apple Takes on Microsoft's Copilot with New AI Tool

In addition to these covert endeavors, the company is also preparing to launch an AI coding tool shortly. Tim Cook remarked, “We have some exciting developments that we’re looking forward to sharing later this year.” Based on this, Apple plans to unveil its new artificial intelligence tool towards the end of 2024, indicating that Apple’s product releases may be on a faster timeline than initially anticipated.

Journalistic sources reveal that the tech behemoth is strategizing to incorporate AI functionalities into the forthcoming software updates for the iPhone and iPad, internally referred to as Crystal. Another internal AI project, named Glow, is slated for integration into macOS.

Furthermore, Apple Music is in the process of developing capabilities to generate playlists and slideshows. An AI-driven search functionality known as Spotlight is also in the works, though its current application is confined to responding to queries about launching applications.

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