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Open AI Temporarily Shuts Down Subscribing to ChatGPT Due to Heavy Usage

OpenAI has recently put a pause on new subscriptions to its popular “ChatGPT Plus” service, which was offered at a monthly rate of $20.

Although the service remains accessible to current subscribers, those looking to subscribe will now have to wait until it’s reopened.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, disclosed that individuals interested in the ChatGPT Plus subscription can sign up for notifications through ChatGPT to be alerted when the service is available again.

The specifics behind OpenAI’s decision to temporarily halt new subscriptions are yet to be fully explained.

ChatGPT Plus uses are booming

Open AI Temporarily Shuts Down Subscribing to ChatGPT Due to Heavy Usage

OpenAI recently unveiled plans for new features in ChatGPT, notably the ability for users to tailor their own versions of the chatbot.

Alongside, a new monetization system for ChatGPT was introduced. These innovations resulted in a surge in demand for ChatGPT Plus subscriptions and the AI-powered bot, prompting the company to pause new subscription sales.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, mentioned that the usage of ChatGPT Plus exceeded the operational capabilities of the company, leading to a temporary halt on new subscriptions. Altman has not yet provided details on when the subscriptions might be reopened.

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