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Microsoft and NVIDIA Collaborate for Metaverse

NVIDIA has partnered with Microsoft to provide enterprise users with access to industrial metadata storage and artificial intelligence supercomputing resources over the cloud.

365 and Azure user businesses will have access to Omniverse and DGX Cloud over the cloud

Omniverse access to businesses using Azure

NVIDIA is offering two cloud-based products through Microsoft Azure Cloud for businesses utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud services. NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud provides a platform for the creation, development, deployment, and management of industrial metaverse applications. Utilizing the metaverse for design and testing enables companies to precisely calculate production and logistics costs through simulations.

NVIDIA’s metaverse solutions are extensively utilized in industrial planning. For instance, Amazon Robotics designed and tested robots in the metaverse before deploying them in its warehouses. Similarly, automobile manufacturers leverage the metaverse for various aspects of their operations, from developing new models to planning factories.

Another offering from NVIDIA, the NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, is a computing service that allows businesses to access the necessary infrastructure and software for training efficient AI models tailored to their specific needs.

Digital twin generation could accelerate

Omniverse leverages Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) system, an open-source 3D scene description framework and file format, enabling businesses to create three-dimensional simulations of their products and the environments surrounding them.

By integrating Azure Digital Twins, which facilitates digital twinning and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, with Omniverse, companies can generate more precise, dynamic, and fully interactive 3D digital replicas based on real-time data collected from physical world sensors. These digital replicas are capable of automatically adjusting to changes in their physical counterparts. The use of Omniverse is further secured by Azure’s cloud services, ensuring safe storage of corporate data.

Under the terms of this new partnership, NVIDIA Omniverse will also be integrated with Microsoft’s 365 applications. For instance, employees utilizing Omniverse Cloud will have the ability to connect and communicate through Teams for online meetings and share information in real-time.

Omniverse Cloud, powered by NVIDIA OVX, is set to become available on Azure in the latter half of this year. Following this, DGX Cloud, which offers supercomputing and software clusters for training generative AI, will be accessible on Azure three months later and will be offered to businesses on a monthly subscription basis.

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